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  1. @Elora Lunasea Will do! I can kinda see it still being customizable to what I would want it to look like, I'd probably have to find certain skins, make some eyelashes that are more anime and less realistic, as well as different eyes. I'm excited to play around with human stuff ^^ (Sorry for @'ing you, I don't know if it will alert you if I just replied and quoting takes up a lot of space)
  2. @Elora Lunasea Those are nice! It's not what I'm interested in though, I guess I should include a couple of pics aha I mentioned the I was looking for heads that are in a style like Overwatch, I also just remembered another game that is in development that has the same area of style I'm looking for called Potionomics (Pics with the purple background; sorry for lower quality pics on those I'm screenshotting them from their Instagram) So far Raven Bell on SL has been the only creator I have found that is making what I'm looking for 0:
  3. @Lindal Kidd Oh didn't know some heads had sliders, I'm so used to furry heads having a bit of limit to customization. Thanks! @Iki Kimono Those fit what I'm looking for, Thank you! Noted about the Omega skins. ^^; I wish there was an algorithm on the marketplace that suggests other creators that are similar to the ones I'm interested in, would help a lot to find stuff.
  4. Hiya I've been considering finally making a human av, since I've been mainly wearing furry or other anthropomorphic type avs. I just don't know where to start, but I know what I'm looking for at least? I was wondering if there were any human bento heads that weren't so realistic looking? Like something with stylized proportions that's not totally anime, an example would be like an Overwatch character or something. Is there any SL creators that make something close describing that? 0:
  5. I wear a different head with the Kemono body and my neck looks fine when I'm standing, theres just a lil weird invisible space but not really noticeable if you aren't looking closely, but whenever I sit and the sitting animation has me extending my head abit there is a big invisible space; I tried finding a neck extender and there was a link for one called 'Kemono Neck Extender Z' but I guess the creator closed their shop because it just takes me to the marketplace home page. Is there any way to fix this without a neck extender? I'm pretty inexperienced with modding, I've only done the very very basic stuff.
  6. well everyon has to start some where, I just want to try it out is all.
  7. I've been on SL for years but still have no idea how to make my own skins, when I say make I just mean modify into photoshop and such. Is there any proper non confusing tutorials or ways? Thanks!:cattongue:
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