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  1. Today is my 30 day birthday at SL. I've read the comments so far and what I see missing is the damange that happens because of your picked topic. One thing I've seen are a lot of people that forget that it's digital and it's online. Some over my past 30 days, seem to be so involved mentally, they forget they are sitting at a keyboard w/mouse using a computer. It's just so real to them. My point is this. Look at both sides. The good along with the bad and you'll find there are people here that actually get hurt. Keep in mind there are real people behind these graphic representations of digital people. Please don't be one sided as I always see any program do. I came originally because of a NetFlix video caled Second Life 2.0 - and I've found that SL is not even close to what I saw on that video. Please don't be one sided in your reporting. FatherofDavid
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