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  1. New Burlesque club to open in two weeks and we are looking for burlesque dancers, part roleplay part skilled. Some things we have to offer are: Weekly paymentYou keep all of your tipsCome with your own animations or use oursChoreographed routinesMessage me in world for an application or stop by the theatre. Birdcage Burlesque -Birdie Emrys (henleyrosebud Resident) 
  2. I always eject people from my land once they scratch my particular itch.
  3. Hi, I'm Birdie, I opened a ballet studio for a roleplay dance setting. I am looking for students and staff to help make this place active and great. At the moment classes are 50L$ a week, and the staff will be paid a base rate of 100L$ a week with added bonuses depending on how many classes they teach, and student feedback. So ideally they've the chance to make 500L$ in a week which isn't bad. Any interested parties should stop by the studio and fill out an application and drop it in the mailbox. Or you could send me a message directly (if I am online) or drop me a notecard, I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours. En Pointe Studio 
  4. My name in Birdie, I've recently opened up a ballet studio and moved into a large roleplay community sim. I have extra space in my townhouse and would love to have a roommate and friend to live with, hang out with, and possibly even work in the studio with. If you are interested in any of these things just let me know! I can be reached in game (HenleyRosebud Resident), you can comment here, you can message me on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HenleyRose ), or if I am offline drop me a notecard. The roommate hasn't got to work in the studio if you do not want. 
  5. I'm hoping to put together a survey as well as a sign up form so that I can have people tell me what times they are available during my availability times so as to best decide when to have the classes, if that makes sense.
  6. I know there are some about, but I am considering opening one on my property for the littles running about SL. This will likely start out as one or two classes per week depending on availability and I will have an official sign up form. There will but roleplayed lessons and perhaps a performance at the end of the dance semester with an opportunity to move up. I figure it could be fun. If you are interested post here or drop me a notecard in world. *Edited to add: I made a form, if you are interested fill it out and I will contact you. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vpyebmpHr6CxbMOnYQR143zzTWMWYag8AMXsLuou19c/viewform?usp=send_form
  7. Maybe pet a few while they're at it. Y'know, for science.
  8. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. But as I am decorating my skylot for Autumn and Halloween I was wondering if there is such a thing as a multi-sim trick-or-treat map. So people can see others hard work and dedication to the season and maybe get a treat or some such? Like it needn't be a big treat, but kind of like when RL towns have tours of the holiday lights. I don't even know if I am making any sense, I was just wondering. It is probably too late to get something started but if I kept it in mind for another time. I should make this a question, yeah? Something along the line of "would you be interested in such a thing?" So, what say you? Thanks for reading my rambles, 
  9. This sounds interesting. If you are looking for a fourth just let me know.
  10. Quinn Lysette wrote: if u put in ur profile stuff lik ethis real life n sl dont mix or the sumtimes funny loading...... ya if u do that it means ur wierd and ur a gay preting to be female in sl so all that does is get u reported for impersonating a female so if ur a real good girla dn u have kik skype or any other means to keep in touch so we can get on at the same time Oh honey, that's not how that works, you know that right? You can't report someone for impersonating a female any more than I can report you for impersonating the english language.
  11. I'm going to help you out, first the basic structure of your request: Quinn Lysette wrote: for For (always capitalize the first letter of a sentence) some wierd weird reason all the dumb girls females ("girls" is rude and should only be used to mean female children) that messge me turn out to be idiots (I would use another term, because it does not seem that you are looking for intelligence so why are they a bad fit, in better terms) ans wasts and wastes of my time i I (Always capitalized) need a good honest girl (woman, female, lady...) are u you out there(?) c©ontact me(,) i I need someone (one word not two) to hookup with(.) im (I'm) freakin lonely btw u have to be a usa citezen n be good and not lie and be a real girl in real life ok if u cant be honest about that then go buy a mac n be 1 of those ppls There is too much wrong here, may I suggest, "I would prefer someone in the same timezone, perhaps one or two hour difference in either direction as it makes connecting easier. I would also like for them to be honest with me, as honesty is important. Voice verified would be ideal." That bit about the Mac is pointless and makes you seem petty. There is no correlation between Apple users and liars. All in all it reads a lot nicer and people may be more open to conversing with you and you could find the perfect person for you. I wish you the best of luck in your search. Just try out the new approach, it could really work! Good Luck!
  12. Venus Petrov wrote: Sorry, I am fixated on the hair in your photo. I'm sure you can find something much nicer at TRUTH. (or Mina, Magika, Exile, Dura or any number of places). It might make all the difference! And maybe ditch the orange skin, a new shape. Frankly if her avatar didn't look like a total noob she'd probably get a bloke sniffing after her.
  13. We've already rolled out the first acceptance of pledges, but we could still use one or two more. So if you would like to join the newest SL sorority and be a Z-Chi fawn, send me a message in world to get your potential pledge packet.
  14. What little there is in her profile is just as laughable. "I'm super sweet! A very classy lady. Call me Miss if you musn't say my name* " I don't think very classy ladies wait a 9 days and then start hunting for a sugar daddy. Though given the state of her she really needs one, her avi is a right hag.
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