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  1. @anniepany I disagree. Clearly you didn't get my point. Instead you just replied with the usual "don't like it, just leave". Whatever.
  2. Uhm, tho i agree with you it's privately owned yes, but who makes SL the way it looks ? Users. So in some way, they kinda do owe us something. Without users putting money and creating content, would there be a SL ?
  3. As a merchant : Top Selling and Top Search Reports - would be nice to be able to remove items no longer listed. Or remove those features if not used that much. Demos - have the demo uploaded to the main item's page instead of having them on 2 separate pages. Ability to customise store fronts pages Bigger profile pics and banners. As a customer : Favoriting Stores Having subcategories for our favorites' list. example; shoes, furniture, etc. Have other "Sort by" options like mesh, colour, texture, size, etc. IDK i just threw that in randomly. Like Charlotte said ; Redelivery button !!!
  4. Hello there! So i'd be really interested in having my own sim. But a full region is a bit expensive. I thought i'd get me a homestead. For some reason though, to get one, you have to own a full region first. Anyone knows why that is ? My thinking is, start small, go bigger after... but LL seems to think the opposite !? Thanks!
  5. Well if you read correctly, you probly noticed i did all that, SL viewer, cleared cache, sent support ticket to LL... but thanks anyway
  6. Yesterday night, my FS viewer crashed so i decided to go to bed. Today, i log on and 2 entire folders are missing (approx. 2000 items) Asked on FS support group, did what was mentioned in the link i was given. Installed the SL official viewer, items aren't showing either. Cleared cache manually and inventory cache as well. I don't know what to do and i FEAR my stuff is gone forever :matte-motes-crying: :matte-motes-crying: And yes, i did file a support ticket with LL
  7. Hi! Nah it's a traditional avatar, i'm pretty sure of it. Thanks for the infos! Problem is, the underline fold of her behind, is wrongly placed, i can't change that obviously! What can i do to fix that without changing everything, specially her face, i like it! Thanks again!
  8. Hi there! Weird question, i got a "complete avatar"... but i dont like the look of her butt...! Can i change her shape? If i can, will it change her face? If neither, can i change her skin? Can it change her overall look, particularly her behind... It is confusing a bit! Thanks in advance! DonnaCasta
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