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  1. a lot has to do on what your looking for can lead to a bad time one is you jump right off into the world with out take the time to learn how things work can make it frustrating for you  . also they should tell you about your web pages  for sales and stuff, and about the utube videos to help you learn . 

    but if you come to meet new people  you can find lots that will help you  so you can have a good time  and see things you never couldn't  in real life . is it a game ? to some it is  to others  its not,  you ask how its not . lets say your laid up due to something in your life and cant move  from bed to a chair with out great pain or trouble. these people come in world to do what they cant in the rl. so yes this can be there real world to lot people.

    does sl  have problems sure it does  but so does rl   you make the best of it .  this video  can help  kinda  lets you know what sl is all about  hope you like it


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  2. art, art gallery, galleries, artist, paintings, abstract, sculptures, fractals, rental spaces, art exhibition, live music...

    Event at 11am slt  live  singer  Samm Qendra you can hear her  https://soundcloud.com/samm-qendra

    you wont be sorry  . hope to see you at   our  art gallery    land mark  is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sardegna/128/122/24 or you can find it in my profile .

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