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  1. Ren Toxx, I feel the same that I don't care what others do to have enjoyment, I left club because Its not my thing,plus I live in the USA. I dont wish to go to prison over some kids posing as adults.. I left there didnt talk to any of them since...But, they cause me trouble. I dont get it. But, I will forget it...I'll just ignore them. Sorry for the Thread.
  2. Im offended by that. I dont lie MIss....People get banned all the time with less offenses...Im allowed to also express my own opinion also..Like I said I will forget all about it...Im just being harassed and I asked for help..now be called a Liar.. sad.
  3. I have and many of my friends who have seen this, has also reported many many tims. Taken pictures and shown, NOTHING has been done. Why does LL permit ***** on sl? its sick and those lil boys shouldnt be there having sex with those grown ups being 13 and 14yo...I guess i'll leave this alone. Seems nothing will be done about it...all i know its just wrong shouldnt be allowed on SL period
  4. I djed for a club 4 x. On the 4th time I was in the middle of my set and a lil zoobie/zoombie baby avatar landed on the dance floor naked with a ***** on, sucking a pacifier. I asked the manager to please remove him, cause i didnt feel comfortable for him being there.. The manager said its ok, he is a friend. Well, it wasnt my thing and so I left in the middle of my set...no more to return.. NOW, they are going around trying to get my banned from other clubs. Its nothing more than harassment...I also was there before that time, I seen two guys and got to chatting , one of them said he was 13 yo in rl. and the other was 14.. they said the owner likes for them to come there he is their master....can something be done about these ***** sims.. I know four of them for sure... I dont care what others do for enjoyment just dont push it off on me and if ppl dont like it dont harass them...
  5. If a land/sim/club owner for years asks to see chat logs from a corrupted manager is it against tos to show the owner? just curious . it does show alot of corruption within the staff members, the owner knows nothing about? is it best just to forget it and leave that club?
  6. ive notice a lot more lately seeing kid avatars on Adult Sims. if you ? them about it they say they have rights and SL told them they could do it.. hm well last I knew they were suppose to be on an adult sim. I actually see adult avatars having sex with them. .. what can be done when you see this? they will just keep doing it. its sickening and they go to popular sims even and do it I don't get how they are getting away with this.
  7. GracieLeeba

    display name

    dude ive been all over linden labs and secondlife websites.. im wanting help . and to be honest I ran into this same thing years back by accidently losing my display name. a LL person got it back for me. ..so there .. you do good at helping but you give info that ppl already know. and support for sl does not work . I know there is a number to call to ask a representative to help me .. There is no reason a person cannot get their display name back if lost by accident and they need it to be notice at events where I dj . IF those places you said worked then why am I asking the same question three times? .. secondlife support does not work .
  8. GracieLeeba

    display name

    You gave me the wrong info.. IM told that my display name can be brought back without having to wait 7 DAYS.. I asked again because you do not know the answer but others out there do . I read the 7 days waiting message. and that is what your saying .. im asking something completely different. so if you please let someone else answer it thanks.
  9. GracieLeeba

    display name

    please could someone help me? I have to get my display name back im a dj and I work in SL. I accidently clicked on the reset button.. please the weekend is coming up an I do have to dj all weekend... please help me get it back so I don't have to wait. .. ppl are telling me SL can get it back for me but theres no phone number to call to ask for help and if you go to secondlife homepage there is not help section but this and no one answers back.. I know you have to wait 7 days for your display to be changed but if there is a quick way due to working in SL please help me ..
  10. GracieLeeba

    display nam

    I accidently clicked on reset on my display name . my display name is gone only legacy name.. how do I get my display name back which is my dj name I go by for my sets please how can I get it back without having to wait for 7 days?
  11. I accidently got rid of my display name by accidently clicking on reset I have to get my name back. im a dj I got to have my name what do I do I cant wait 7 days
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