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  1. SHX Gear in general is annoying to deal with and outdated. Whoever hangs it up has no idea how to build a good club or doesnt care about prims and script time. LSL Pose Balls for DJs like on Open Stages for example are all thats needed for this department. From SHX, all additions this creator ever made like the Contest Voting Boards and as you said the Song Voting Board is just not something you should put up with.
  2. I was eying that as they brought this out, my country wasnt eligable back then and now I aleady paid 1100$ for C4D, maybe next year until then I have to figure this out. Thanks though this is a bookmark now.
  3. With broken in the FBX I mean it literally, that the Spine Rig hangs out and the face is broken in, while the DAE doesnt. The import settings for that file extension are doing nothing to change that. I exported a blend file today into DAE and it seemed to have fixed the Skeleton issue but still there remains the scale. I made a dummy model on it, it worked somewhat, the scale is by 20% off. Naturally C4D works in mm and I adjusted the scale of course and didnt leave it there. The files come straight frome the SL Wiki, so I dont see how they would be so off. I worked with Maya as main in the pa
  4. Update: I just worked on the small skeleton .DAE File. A bracelet which showed up perfect in the upload preview but was a blob ingame afterwards. In addition, the .DAE has the perfect size in Marvelous Designer. The .FBX is broken and small to barely visible in both programs.
  5. Traktor hat einen eingebauten Broadcaster. Du brauchst dazu nur einen Icecast Stream inworld statt Shoutcast. Der beste und stabilste dafuer aber nicht guenstige ist iShout. Wenn der Club Owner unwillens ist dir deinen eigenen Stream zu lassen dann geht es mit Butt. Er sollte die Audioquellen deines Controllers eigentlich greifen koennen, wenn nicht hilft ein 3.5mm zu Chinch Stereo Adapter in ihn zum PC um eine Quelle zu erzeugen.
  6. Hello, I use Cinema 4D to do my work, alas I tried to import both the classic Skeleton and the Bento one. Both are tinier as a grain of rice, how can I enlarge them to work better? By what factor? cm? m? I am working with diameters of 0.0025mm and that is not very optimal. The Bento Skeleton has an issue in some Formats that the Spine and the arms are hanging 90 degrees backwards. Nothing happens when I put them back, although the body responds to feet and head movement. Are these bones commonly bugged? Thank you for your help.
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