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  1. LOLLLL, umm..height affects more than just bedroom activities, brother. Dancing is awkward too and any other pose really. I'm also adding to what you said. Not only will our lady be happy, but so will we because as we've acknowledged before, random "interludes" with random women is not as satisfying as having that one special female you've grown to know and adore and have a bond with. So this is a win-win situation.
  2. Sorry for the delay in updating this. We think we've found what we're looking for. Thanks for the replies ladies!
  3. As the title of the post says - we're brothers...just two of us and we are looking for a female submissive to enjoy. This does NOT involve threesomes. You will have our attention and respect. We're not looking for a slave on her knees, but someone who can share our beds as well as look beautiful on our arms at events, ballrooms....ect. Someone who is down to earth, NO DRAMA, enjoys cuddling and who is fun to hang out with. NO ESCORTS We do have some criteria, but that can be discussed once you contact us. Serious ladies only please. Also, we rarely visit this forum and may miss any replies so please send an IM inworld.
  4. I'm sorry you had this experience. Racism on any platform is based in ignorance. Sometimes it's intentional and sometimes it's subconscious because people lack experiences with a certain race of people, therefore they stereotype by what is presented on TV or what they've heard or based on a singular experience. This is 2015 now..we must all learn to not judge others on something so trivial as color of skin. I've met idiots from all races and I've met true and wholesome people of all races. So we should at least give people a chance to prove themselves.
  5. I didn't mention RL. I meant face to face in SL. The service AVMATCH allows you to make a profile and interact with SL singles without giving your avatar name. It's only when you decide that you really like someone that you can exchange avatar names and connect with each other face to face INWORLD. Before that all interaction is done on the website. A great screening tool.
  6. Calm yourself, brother. Relax. Take a deep breath. And listen: Yes, relationships can be very crazy in SL..I think the main issue is that there are so many different perceptions of what SL is. For you it's a game, for others it may be more. We all come in seeking different things. I do agree with you on certain things...some women can send you running with all the crying and moods and clinging, BUT all are not like this. You have to find a female who has the same perception of SL as you do. The same expectations. This is in NO WAY an easy task. But if you're determined to find the right lady you will be patient and continue searching. Try dating panels or avmach where you can interact with them before ever meeting them face to face. It may be an effective way to screen out the loons. Don't allow these past negative experiences to change you. There are too few of us 'good guys' left. And what I've found helps a lot is DO NOT tolerate something that you find agonizing. SPEAK UP. If a woman starts going on and on about her ex and you don't like this just say so. If she starts throwing a crazy tantrum - stop it right there and then! Relationships should be based honesty, not suffering in silence. Also, you're the man here...TAKE CHARGE. And this doesn't mean being abusive or going on wild rants. You have the ability to guide a situation without even raising your voice. But you can only do so much. So if your lady doesn't respond well to your requests after several tries ...then perhaps it's time to move on. Don't allow anyone to get you to this insane point again.
  7. I totally agree with you, Mark. Garage Time is essential for male contentment. And that doesn't mean we're in there masterbating to porn or anything..can I say that on here...:matte-motes-big-grin:... or trying to engage other females. We just need our space! Ladies..advice..the fastest way to burn a guy out is wanting to be with him every minute of his SL time. Oh yeah..and crazy stalking antics..those will do it too.
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