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  1. I have been r/p'ing Gor for the better part of 20 years, on many html sites...Those that compare BDSM to Gor, have no real clue...Gor is much more than finding a little sex toy in a slave...A True Master would NEVER expect a slave to put him before her rl, or r/t as we call it... LoveAngeL Lyre couldn't have said it better...a slave on Gor, desires to please wthe one that owns her, but the misconception is that He only sees her as a sex object. And from my own view, from nearly 20 years...My desire is to make sure she has and is the best of the best. It is my obligation to her. the truth of the matter in a Gorean Master/slave relationship...they are each in a kolar...she in His...and He in her's...tho his is unseen...If He is a True Master, he has to demand NOTHING...it is given willingly
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