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  1. I understand, it would work like those affiliated Vendors.... I'm not very good at programming, but I think if I get a card from this full perm, I might be able to edit it. Thank you very much, you have broadened my view.
  2. Hello Innula Zenovka! Thank you for your comment. The only server I own is the market place store, which despite having no items, is active. Does it serve as a remote server?
  3. Thanks Wulfie! I already use this system in beer kegs and in fruit and bread baskets, but with food plates and bowls too, I wish there was a way to deliver an item in the copy, or, at least the item would disappear from the inventory, or cease to be functional after a while, to create the need to realistically satisfy hunger.
  4. Thank you for your comment. My beer keg works like this, it provides a beer mug, with llAttachToAvatarTemp script. But unfortunately, this type of action does not work very well with tray, dishes and bowls, because they need to be placed in the world, except fruits, breads and other foods that can be consumed by hand. Dishes and bowls are awkwardly attached to the hand and lose their realism. I am looking for a solution to stop food from being functional in the avatar inventory so that there is a real need for food.
  5. Hello everyone! I would like to know if there is a script that allows the sending of an object by means of a UUID key? As with images, where you can change the color of a prim using only the key of an image, even without having it in your inventory. So, I would like to know if I can create a prim, take the key from it and put it on a prim server. When the person clicks on this prim, the server will send a non-copy object to the person, from the prim key, and not from the server's inventory. Please follow the logic: 1 ° I have a soup pot and I want to put
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