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  1. ETA: I do have to applaud the Lab for having someone here to answer our questions rather than let us argue amongst ourselves as to what we can and can not do. Bravo! You can stop applauding now Tex because they've stopped answering. It was shortlived! Now we just "argue amongst ourselves". Par for the course?
  2. I'm sure she didnt mean it that way but if she sees no stumbling blocks then it DOES read that way. Any "suitable" lawyer can give an opinion but as you say, "A lawyer may suggest not spending your money until the games are certified, because it may be a waste of money.." and that is the issue here. A few peeps requested an extension for operators to submit applications until an approved creators' list was available and I think that this would make a lot more sense both operationally and financially. However, whoever said common sense was common? This way LL would have done their legal due
  3. Way too much "assuming" here. I'm not prepared to spend money on assumptions. Any operator with a smidgen of financial sense would wait for games to be approved before forking out legal fees for games that may or may not be approved. I guess you have unlimited funds? And my lawyer is not prepared to offer an opinion on games that may or may not comply with any laws, US or international atm. International not "local". If your lawyer is based in the US and is willing to do that, feel free to give us his/her name. We could all use a "credible" lawyer like that and would be eternally gratefu
  4. Exactly Sonia. And why would anyone pay a lawyer to provide documentation for a game that may not be approved - money down the drain imo. We're talking one document per game here not a blanket opinion to cover all games. So it would make sense to wait until a game is approved before applying. In the meanwhile, the sim sits empty but tiers still have to be paid pending approval because who knows how long it will take for the creators to get their games approved. Either that or give up the sim and then buy another when it makes sense to apply. More expenses. So we just go around in circ
  5. Did LL reply to the proverbial question: How does our lawyer provide required documentation for games that have not been approved yet?
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