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  1. Regardless if this is a new problem,SL is being victim of the obsession for BEAUTY.Places are more fancy and most of us wanna be entirely Bento...Mesh...It means more attachments and scripts.Many years ago I already noticed who was flying or sailing well at BlackSea was wearing simple system avatars, almost no meshes attached.My own experience,using a system AVI with system cloth layers : it was "almost"OK to cross Sims(you know the normal lag behavior).When I started to use FULL BENTO body,I noticed our"parts"have to re-attach each crossing...and I had many crashes,so I gave up to go to BlackSea with BENTO AVI.... SL in fact is not the most appropriate game to drive vehicles crossing Sims. Actually SL can do everything,but it doesn't do everything well.The old geek question is more than ever relevant : Performance or Quality ? Do you want to be the most beautiful or to drive in the fast lane?
  2. Well,looks like it wasn't just with me...please read the LL report : Unschedule Maintenance Resolved - Maintenance has been completed and the incident has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues regarding accessing a region or teleporting to it, please reach out to customer support. Nov 14, 09:48 PST Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue that has affected access to a number of regions. During this time you may get teleport failures, or the region might appear to be offline. Nov 13, 23:09 PST
  3. Thanks, Suzi, I play always connected with cable, not wi fi.Maybe a good reason for the issues is because I live a BIT FAR from SL servers ( Brazil,South America, SP state)... LOL..of course I know the performance here it will never be like living in USA.But in 6 years of experince here we start to feel when something is going wrong...that's it.
  4. And just adding some information about me :My internet has more than 100 mb, it's not bad, I have more than 6 years in SL and I always keep my AVI with low complexity, less than 70 k .....I use Firestorm for long, the new update keeps the TP issues, same behavior of the older version.Sometimes when I open the map, it takes long time to show the regions.When I see this lag to open the map it's almost sure that I will crash.
  5. According to Aishagain, there's NO changes in my connection ,set ups or my avatar.The TP fails behavior reminds me the same kind of fails we were having not so long time ago...and please notice, I open the map before try to TP to prevent an issue, but even in this way the fail sometimes happens ( more users on line, more it happens). Thank you for your attention.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm having a LOT of TP fails everyday,and crashing after the fail.... anybody else ?
  7. GGGRRRR !!!!!!!! Worked finally when I removed my pay pay method to pay !! lets see when I add it again, thx for the hint
  8. Same here too !!! I own land, some people depend of me ...DAMN..!!! Going worst each SL update, then cant login at all , same message : "LOGIN FAILED , unable blablablaba
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