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  1. I did. And it still happens, only now I can't buy demos, they won't show up into my inventory, I still can't tp anywhere without being logged out. For goodness sakes, I just want to enjoy a bit of shopping. ;-;
  2. I know someone posted something similar, and they got reply with a link to a speed test. So I took one. http://www.speedtest.net/result/7241761325 I keep getting logged out every time I try to teleport, and this NEVER happens to me. So what's going on? The server status says everything is fine, could it really be me or my ISP then?
  3. Please don't work here. The owner Lizzy, had fired me for not being active enough, and then has also banned me without purpose and continues to use my photography on her website. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. While I may not have been active enough and can understand being let go, what I cannot understand is the reason for the ban, and the continuation of my hard work which no longer has permission to be used. It's wrong, and I hope nobody else gets put into my position.
  4. So me and my friends have been banned from not one but two sims that belongs to a Chung, and I tried calling linden labs, because I can't enter that sim on an alt, it's acting like the sim is closed or private access when I try to go there on an alt, while my main account gets the pop up that it's banned. My account and my friends were banned for no reason, and the sims we were banned from is supposed to belong to a close friend of ours. I also suspect that either this chung or a friend of hers is using an IP banner of some sort, isn't that illegal on SL? Why can't I get the help I need? I have nobody to talk to and I feel strongly victimized and sorry for my friend who keeps losing control of his sims and groups because of this chung and her friend taking it over.
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