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  1. Think for a moment how simple they normally are and the amount of the aforementioned information we do entrust to the internet (which is accessible via data mining). As I've been irresponsible in that regard, I'm finally learning to choose a complex secret question; nevertheless, certain past errors are difficult to correct as well, Catch-22.
  2. I'm pretty fippant with Secret Questions as I don't trust them as a security risk.
  3. I missed your comment on usage of the last name. If that's so, you've got my apology. I was unaware and there was absolutely no intention to be disrespectful.
  4. I'm from the UK where 'pleb' is an established insult, more taboo than a certain word I won't say, and for him to use such a culturally specific word, I think he knew the implications. As for not providing the context, rather unimportant to his unprovoked aggressions, there wasn't much except the fact I was building? I don't see why you're incesantly looking for faults, whether it's details on the context to the connotations of 'pleb'? I provided this as an experience, relatively random compared to others, and I simply want reassurance: 1) This isn't a community standard, 2) It's in no way endorsed for certain people to feel superior as a human over such facts, 3) People don't support antagonism from entitlement over how much they're supposedly contributed. Certain people here have restored my faith, nevertheless. Thank you.
  5. Innula, as I've never seen such a rule previously, I would've otherwise been oblivious and I deeply appreciate being informed. I'm happy to conform and be respectable - I see how such publishing could be abused. =)
  6. I edited out his name and I was unaware it was an offense. Many apologies. I assumed as it was in a public domain and nature of his behaviour, it was acceptable as sharing a screenshot. Thanks mostly to Innula Zenovka who offered some incredible advice! Nightfire, I want to clarify the script was in relation to a twister to a Dorothy House (as propulsion), nothing to do with griefing, I was making and he approached me to begin his own variant. Pleb, too, is harsh as it demeans someone as inferior in status to a peasant's, highly deregatory.
  7. I'd love to be friends with you~ :)
  8. So, I consider this attitude to be very toxic as it's elitist - inevitably causing decline of communities as it leads to alienation from no reaffirmation to learn/participate - and the very people who want to consollidate their importance with a 'status' will leave a vaccum if newbies, future contributing members, don't have much initiative without typical reassurance/ecnouragement as common to healthy systems.... I'm in a public sandbox, building as I recently begun learning, and someone was nearby. This is what followed: [05:26] Voltaire Vivianus: That's either a twister or an ice cream. [05:27] Voltaire Vivianus: Got a blowback script, hm? [05:28]: could but i dunt much with stuff that animates or pushes ppls avis least not to plebs noffin personal :/ [05:28] Voltaire Vivianus: You judged me as a pleb and said nothing personal, lol? [05:29]: you last name is resident you are barely 2 years old so compaired to my self you are a pleb :/ [05:30] Voltaire Vivianus: Weird social system you got there, importance attached to time joined. Lol~ [05:31] Zaara : Classic Suit jacket (L) *beige*: Configuration Loaded [05:31] Zaara : Classic Suit jacket (L) *beige*: Ready, Memory Free: 7652KiB [05:31]: its a contribution measure longer your here in relativistic terms more you have contributed to the overall community so yes it is an ageist hierarchy get overit :/ [05:32] Voltaire Vivianus: Not really, it's a hierarchy for those concerned with ego. [05:33]: you have avatara and item made by my self paid for by linden labs for free in your library folder kiddo .. i been making anf greating 3d/graphic content for a very long time :/ [05:33] Voltaire Vivianus: Alright, impress me then. [05:33] Voltaire Vivianus: You're arrogant, I'd like to see the reason. [05:33]: piss off pleb I tried to engage the person privately to resolve any misunderstanding he may have had, but he said he's getting me banned for harassing him as I dared contact him, that I'm a 'pedantic ass' who should be on '4Chan'; additionally, -insert multitude of insults, threats to hack, implications about how worthless all new members are-. So, I've only been officially active for the last few weeks, I've invested about $500 into the economy and I've got eagerness to learn, but what's with this random attitude? Is this normal? Will I meet this a lot instead of encouragement? Is this typical?
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