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  1. i will clear up one thing for your pea brain, if it took you 20 secs to tp into a new sim.. then the server could work on your tp slower.. not having to jump to the task getting it all done fast and robbing the rest of the sim of basic things , like others being able to walk without rubber banding .. but im sure that went over your head too.. XD your my new fave.. truly enteriant and thinks she's right too.. its like a 3 year old having a temper tantrum .. and that's just bad forum .. you so closed minded and full of yourself .. an awe to behold !
  2. he gets it, and as to why i used KB, that's what the viewer calls it.. kbs... so i just assumed that what i should call it.. but yeah it could and probably should say mb.. but i guess its cuz kb is more "accurate" being its a smaller unit of measurement but yeah at a certain point it would make more sense to just say mb .. btw its nice that ONE other person here can have an intelligent conversation around here.. its a refreshing sight on the forums ..
  3. blahahaha i would address each "point" but your clearly a drooler.. so.. ill leave you to it.. thanks tho.. the half of it i did read made me smile
  4. on that note, about tp'ing.. wouldn't it be nice the person doing the tp had to just wait 10-15 secs?? 20 secs?? vs rubber banding everyone else in the sim??..make them wait a bit XD and load them in slower IF that means a better experience for the rest of the sim at least .. when its high time it can get rather annoying.. and for get when your building or modding.. XD rubbing banding textures and what not.. and i hear man about how its not a huge deal.. thats why its the last piece iv zero'd in on.. of course i started with texture size amount of visible textures and script cpu run time .. making sure anything that could be set to none in physics was , and convex hulls where applicable
  5. to think ANY stat is meaningless.. how ignorant can you get .. disregard info you simply don't understand .. that's willingly ignorant .. as i said already , im aware of the list of tips you gave.. its a pretty common list among sim owners .. what i was after was information that was a little less common.. often left out of the convo, out of non understanding .. where's one of your ball gags when we need it?
  6. the tech guy... told me they each full sim has its own memory.. BUT he also claimed memory was mesures in time and not KB for about 25 mins till i guess someone clued him in .. so who knows..i did know is no place even in his own screenshot showed the word memory measured in anything but KB, and well one time MB.. its was a bazzard convo .. felt like a thread on the forums tbh XD
  7. i understand the confusion i said 500k not 500kb .. 500k as in 500,000 .. the kb i thought, was impaired since its a giving that its expressed in kb and again its just that he said he doesn't see many got over that, its still the high end of normal .. just how have less than 1ms spare script time is rather common.. but far from ideal cuzz you run the risk of 3-4 heavy avis coming in and really slowing things down.. tho i guess someone will come are fight how scripts don't cause lag.. yeah right... well iv seen in just a few months ago, doors world open slow, like painfull slow and huds would no response on time .. i am just shocked that people can't just answer the question and move on.. all i wanted to know what what the normal threshold of total sim script memory usage was.. she did say at one point 300k KB and i would say that's a good number to aim for.. im shocked that a sim EXPERT doesn't understand the need for every inch of over head you can get NO STAT IS IRRELEVANT, THEY ALL MEAN SOMETHING .. no one coming into the sim gives a 2nd thought to what resources they use.. so anything that will help.. i will seek it out and make sure i do whats in my power
  8. nope wrong yet again.. your on a roll today.. i didn't say 500kb... duh that would be way low... i said 500k.. as in 500,000.. kb is just implied since.. you know.. that's the metric they measure SCRIPT memory usages in.. of which you have control over IF your the on dropping your items.. and if you are smart enough to check script usages BEFORE you by things.. basically its just about being responsible
  9. NOPE he arugded with me for a while ,l sounded as ignorant as you lot here, then finally gave in ans said "i don't normally see sims with moire the 500k in memory usage" meaning most of them are under that.. and thats all i wanted to know.. why you so mad??? XD 500k as in 500,000, ok? god.. you think you know everything hu?
  10. lets not get in our feelings ,k? this was a good day.. this question that's years old.. no matter how insifiat to you it may seem has been answered.. and if thats know what this thread was started for.. what am i saying.. of course that's what this thread was started for.. to get answers
  11. "Memory- What is a healthy number for a sim? What number should be aimed for when keeping a sim lag free?" vs respectfully .. i want to know how much memory a full privet region is alloted´╗┐ i see how that might confuse some people, im sorry for that in any case the answer wasn't "here's 10 other well know things you can do to help sim lag" the answer would seem to be about 500k some of us like to be ahead of the curv , prevent issues before they become issues while it certainly true textures alone are the biggest "issue" (only an issue if your pc isnt up to it) EVERY little thing adds up.. so i do my best to get evey little thing in check so that i can have more most detail in my build, while being as efficient as possible .. well "reasonably possible"
  12. im talking about the memory number you see in KB listed at parcel details >general>script info and even so to the point of it will eventually fill up with garbage, it would still be good to know this threshold as for my question about kb of memory used by scripts on the sim hitting the server , its 500k as a guideline.. basically if your at 600k.. it might not come to a halt.. but its way above average .. not that 500k is average ..i was told they don't see meny sims go over that .. so 500k is already the high end for a full region , and i would assume a homestead would want to keep that even lower .. since the latter gets less cpu.. id assume it gets less memory as well before it gets overloaded
  13. your right.. i did assume you know sim means full region and a homestead is a homestead.. even then .. there is an answer for homesteads(i didnt ask the live support about that tho im guessing it would be about half or maybe like 60% of a full region) and a higher "limit: for a full region which is 500k.. if yours is 600k plus you might wanna look into it.. that's all .. and as for digging up an old thread.. its good.. cuzz now after years of being ignored , its been solved ! woot woot
  14. that would be a great analogy if i had asked you how to make my sim run smooth.. i was clear and concise in my question , one the OP had asked himself and was dismissed then as well in a very simula fashion .. not that you didn't seem well meaning.. but after a VERY long snarky back and forth with LL staff.. IT SEEMS that while yes.. its not a big deal compared to other factors , there is in fact a high end to memory usage , as it pertains to the memory your scripts on the sim use.. and its 500k.. its not a hard limit .. but a guideline of when memory usage is getting high ... much how you have 22ms or cpu time.. and you COULD use no scripts and just overload on physics.. if you wanted to... BUT there still is a point at which you say.. oh ge.. thats alot of resources just going to physics .. most sims will be around 1ms or less.. that's not a hard limit but its just a guide to say.. if yours is 4ms and your not sure why.. then its high and something is wrong.... in the same way, your total script memory usage should be close to 500k or less .. unless your doing something very specific (not sure what that would be tho).. to be clear .. if yours says .. say 600k+ you MIGHT wanna look into what you could do differently as it pertains to memory usage
  15. case in point.. this is why NO MATTER how minor it may be.. having optimized my sim well as is, id like to make sure all areas i can control are optimized.. which is why id like to know how much KB of memory does a full private region get
  16. respectfully .. i want to know how much memory a full privet region is alloted .... im well aware of all the other information that you shared , but im sure someone who didn't know will see it and that's great .. so to anyone els.. the question still stands
  17. "Memory- What is a healthy number for a sim? What number should be aimed for when keeping a sim lag free?" also wondering
  18. ok so its a sometimes they work sometimes they dont work... lol like i relogged and nothing.. i relogged again and they work now.. firestorm bug?
  19. i have these arcade games and they work but when i relog the media settings are all blank.. is there like a firestorm bug or something?
  20. they are police cars.. that's why i want them to last for 10 mins.. maybe instead of the limited rez it could be set to only let group or better yet a white list of avis.. as for the 10 mins thing.. cops might even rather 30 mins.. so they can drive out, get out do there thing and not have to be too worried about the car disappearing , as for mod rights, check.. i dont buy no mod items
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