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  1. This is a load of crap, is what this is. I first tried processing a credit back in February that did not go through for some reason, and I feared the worst, but had other things going on so I let it lie for awhile. Luckily, the money was still in my SL account this month and I tried again. So now, they want me to wait I don't know how many business days (today makes five). It does say "Processing" in the status, at least. Has Linden not gotten the memo that it is 2014? When I make a charge on my Paypal credit card on a WEEKEND, by the time I get home (1-2 hours) I get an email that a charge has been made to my account and they are seeking money to cover it from my attached bank account. It usually is withdrawn from my bank the very next morning, or the second morning if the charge was made on a Saturday. So, one financial transaction, THREE points of service. 12-36 hours. So, FIVE DAYS? (And it has now been that long for me and it is still not through.) WTF? I'm presently contemplating making a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, and the Chair of the Senate Banking Committee, and I suggest anyone else having this sort of problem do the same.
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