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  1. And yes the end result will be that all items get linked together as I said but only the flower candles will be floating while the pentacoastal rotates and the rest of the build stands still. The land impact I know for a fact is 12 in total when I link them without any script (idk how a script would increase land impact and prims) Also I’m not rigging an entire build that I’ve already finished perfecting and have already uploaded.
  2. I’m unsure how to make it more clear.... I can tell you what the object is and how many total prim count the entire build is when the objects are connected the build I want to float in sync without ruining the position of the linked item is a flower candle... the flower and the candle are a separate prim linked together and I linked a flame particle prim to the candle as well. I want 3 of these flower candles floating on the main build (12 prims with the flower candles added) without it moving the entire build just the flower candles. Each flower candle will float over a pedestal. b
  3. No it's one item with three prims linked together that i want to add to a bigger build that has around 6 prims linked but i only want the 3 to move equally (i will actually be adding 4 of these 3 linked prims) without it moving completely apart from each other BUT to move separate from the rest of the build
  4. i need it to move a 3 prim object that's linked together as if it where one object without moving the entire build i been asking in the scripts group and i think i did get a script that might work BUT i have yet to try it.... i was however wondering if there was a one line or 5 line scripting option because this is a lot of code!
  5. I've already got help from a creator about how to make individual rotating parts and i don't want to bug them again about how to make individual floating parts as i have never seen that in their creations, so i have come here to the forums for guidance... i already tried something from the wiki and my object ended up floating into the abyss (it went off world). This is the effect i am looking to create without making the entire linkset float: // Heights in meters float moveMPerStep = 0.001; // Move x meters per step float changeStage = 0.001; // Increment speed to quicken the
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