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  1. Well said Muletta and same to you Angarhawk. :matte-motes-wink: You see, many guys I know, me too, are driven to Gor or to find slaves, subs, pets. We don't start out with these fantasies but the idea of having a lovely and UNCOMPLICATED woman (who won't make us feel like we're in an episode of Judge Judy) to share our time and our bed is very enticing. Hats off to you Nathaneiil for holding hope for even this kind of relationship. Marriage or not. I've already come to the conclusion that women like you described don't exist. But good luck!
  2. Wow! You are giving me some hope here! I will take your advice and hope that a lady like this comes my way. Most in here seem to want to smother a guy - like their need for affection is very overwhelming. As soon as you log in they are all over you - which is ok most of the time, but I find it hard ot be around a woman who exists only for me. I love independence and confidence in a woman! I will try to find the right one for me. Let's hope I have your luck!
  3. Well that may be true, but I have been in 5 relationships since 2008..and all have been the same. The women have been different..modern, medieval/fantasy...whatever. They were from different RL countries...about the same ages though, yet one way or the other..there was that DRAMA. So is it me?? I am a really easy going, affectionate guy..a bit alpha, but not the dominant type. And I feel I am rare because I am faithful. I really can only focus on one woman at a time. I'd prefer to have a complete experience with one special lady than scattering my affections among many. I beleive in spoiling who I am with..she's my queen and I do what I can to show her this. I enjoy caring for a lady and making her feel special! Being the man in the relationship...attending all her needs and then some. So why this constant drama? Maybe when you do too much people expect too much? Maybe I need to ask "Is there a woman out there who: - won't expect me to be in her shadow 100% of my SL time - who won't get mad if I log in and don't come running to her right away or if i decide to do my own thing for a few hours - who won't stay away from our home when she gets mad, keeping her distance in some silent tantrum - who won't get jealous of my SL sister as she thinks any woman will try to get a man in bed no matter what role they are supposed to be playing - my sister who I have known for 2 years and who has not once tried anything like this - who WOULD enjoy taking our time to get to know each other in a relationship that doesn't consume all our time and burn out quickly because we're in each other's space 24/7 - who WOULD enjoy a no-obligation sort of relationship where we can cuddle,go places,spend time doing things together that are fun and entertaining and of course eventual intimacy WITHOUT her getting mad if I said I will be online at 4pm and come at 6. RL HAPPENS!! - who has her own SL thing going on and doesn't spend her time literally sitting afk waiting for me to come online. And if feelings develop all the better...I find it hard to extend myself in here without actually feeling anything. But the crazy feelings can be left at the door. Is this too much criteria? Do women like this even exist??
  4. well not entirely so. I think a man and a woman can have a relationship that includes intimacy and emotions without the whole mundane "dating" burdens attached. And without being just friends with benefits. I'm not opposed to commitment. I don't think of women as dolls to use and put away. It's the DRAMA I am tired of. The jealousy...the tears...the moods..the being distant when something is perceived...the stalking...the creating alts to hit on me to "test" my devotion...the feeling of obligation to spend 100% of my SL time with the other person or there will be more drama There has to be a happy medium somewhere. There must be a way for a man in SL to enjoy a female without owning her, picking her up in a jazz club for a one night stand or "dating" and being tormented by all the moods and expectations. Both parties can have free time to do their own thing without the "I FEEL DISTANCE BETWEEN US" talk. So maybe I don't have the right term for it...what would you call this? a mistress?
  5. I really don't want to date as I've had enough of that insanity. So I'm on here looking for a lady for a longtime companionship. Would be thrilled to find a nice woman who can emote, who enjoys intimacy in SL and who has a naughty side. Not looking to rush into anything so we have time to see if we hit it off. I'd prefer not to put too much on here..we can talk and learn more about each other.
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