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  1. I imagine that the case also involves with a minor's access to SL and how LL wants them gone. In the US, the minimum age for a bank account (not a saving's account or one interlocked with their parental figure) is 18 and to purchase Lindens via. Paypal requires the user to have a bank account connected to their Paypal. I completely understand this move from LL.
  2. So I've recently gotten a mod for my Viss Bunny AV (avatar), and I wanted to rezz the box. So I attempt to rezz it at my place, but I forgot to wear my tag to let me rezz. So I put it on, and the second I wear it, the box is gone. The user who created the mod is currently offline, so I have no where else to go other than here. Can I got contact LL and see if they can recover it for me? UPDATE: All I had to do is relog and it's right back in my inventory X3
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