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  1. if my Op sounded trollish, its because no-ones giving out much info. Just forcing people into experiences without their consent, and giving them no way to leave them.  When asked, no-one cares.

    I don't particularly care how noble y'all think you are really. I don't think resident owned experiences should be forced on. And FYI, I've not been to your lands, so its been forced on in some other manner.

    If you don't like being labelled as bad people, then its your duty to explain whats going on and why. Not let them find out their trust is being abused. Is it really so hard to put these things in your release notes say? v4.7.7 We're forcing everyone into Experience Firestorm, just an FYI.  But you don't even mention the thing on your entire site, so if it is meant to be so beneficial, why the cloak and dagger?

  2. Okay, so I use Firestorm Viewer, guess I should've expected a power abuse when i saw an experience I couldn't remove owned by Firestorm. But. after asking them they said LL forced it on me.

    So I'd like to know, why, and why do I get no say in the matter?

    I'm happy to have LL run experienced forced on, but I'm sorry, the firestorm group is founded from the old 'emerald viewer' and in that regard makes me nervous. Only takes one bad egg and you get a rough deal. So why am I not permitted to remove this experience?

    Found out it was there unexpectedly too, not like there was an announcement about it.  Idly exploring sci con, stuff randomly attaches to me without warning..

    Ugh, lets leave user choice IN the decision making process. For those with a similar problem with this policy, abuse report it til LL gets the hint?

    (Yes, I know, the same group I'm bitching about with Emerald roots is making the viewer, but at least the codes getting vetted by more than one person, this experience BS probably isn't)

  3. The moment they add anything specific for sexual use, like genitalia, is the moment SL as a whole can be classified as adult only.  Which would be very contrary to their ethos of being a virtual world for all. So they won't do it. What people do in their world, is a different matter, and can be explained away much easier in news/promo stuff, than if they added a boner bone specifically for genitalia

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