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  1. Forgot to add -- For those with the Greedy Greedy tables, the developer has updated the game to remove the pay-in/pay-out option from it to comply with the new rules. The update thing automatically nukes the old table and issues a new one that has the payment option removed.
  2. That would'nt be allowed either from what someone else posted earlier in the thread. The gambling is such as delicate issue since many juridictions have different rules on gambling and LL is stuck in the middle since the game uses and cashes out RL monies. I think one or more of the other grids prohibit gambling completely. Who knows, LL could go that route since it's a big headache and prohibit all games that take and awards lindens.
  3. About a year ago I was in a venue with a sploder, and saw a Linden drop in. He just said "nice tunage" and stayed for about half an hour. A couple did ask him for help, but he told them to lodge tickets on the SL website's help desk. He never comment on the sploder and it's still there to this day.
  4. Guess my club is the rare one without a sploder. I never put one up due to their legality in SL and even if they were allowed, I'd probably wouldn't still rez one.
  5. That's the problem, although it looks like LL is focused on those stateside. Only real way out of the mess would be to forbid games that take and award lindens period.
  6. Maybe the webmaster of the MP can add a new entry on the drop down for games that accept/give lindens that are not licenced under the new policy.
  7. I don't use FB either. But you can view is FB page without signing in. https://www.facebook.com/pages/KR-Engineering/284761358245837
  8. At least the Greedy developer will be issuing updates to make it non-payable. And hopefully other devs will do the same.
  9. Hope that it doesn't come to that. Might come down to a game dev making a non-pay version for those who want them for entertainment purposes and not gambling. It's not just SL, I noticed in a MMO I play, they used to have "bags" awarded by a NPC that would issued up to 1m gold, but those were removed. According to their patch notes, it was done due to requests by a few U.S. states that prohibet gambling, although unlike SL, you can't take gold out of the game for cash monies.
  10. What I'm reading if the game pays out, it has to be on the new designated gaming sims, like the first thing mentioned on the blog -- "Skill games that offer Linden Dollar payouts will be allowed in Skill Gaming Regions only." I have a GREEDY GREEDY table, but it's on free play and does not issue lindens or prizes or anything. The dev of those type of games probably will need to offer 2 versions, one that you pay to play and win Ls and another that's totally free play with no option to make it pay. But some other games that do freeplay sometimes require a 1L payment to start it, which is refund
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