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  1. My state doesn't qualify probably because of the age limit as Darkness and I were discusing. I don't really need to read about all the other states as I only live on one. I'm glad you found the small prints for your state Perrie.
  2. Yes that is the only reason I see... Not fair for adults that like to play in SL... They should fix the age to 21 so is more fair to all. Hubby and I have a premium accounts and we will be not to renewing If our state stays on the list.
  3. I've been doing some research and some of the states on the list you provide as prohibited are actually gambling states. Prohibited States & Countries Residents of the following states and countries may not participate in Skill Gaming in Second Life: Arizona Arkansas Delaware Florida Kentucky Louisiana Maryland South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Here is a link to USA legal online gaming states: Legal Online Gambling by State http://www.legalgambling.net/legal-online-gambling-by-state.html I hope this help because seems a little confusing that gamers on legal states can't play.
  4. My SL Dad sent me a IM and went to my partner IM, then I send a IM to my SL sister and went to my partner IM. How ca that happen? I'm using Firestorm viewer latest update Release X64 4.6.5.
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