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  1. Hello guys and girls! We are looking for lovense dancers to come and work at our new club 4play. We are a friendly club but we need women who are dedicated and good at what they want to do. Must be confident and know how to do minor emotes! Please message me inworld (wynterxnight) / on IG: Zennicasl or on the club IG: 4play.sll
  2. Hi im so sorry for the late reply, I had a problem with actually creating the physics, as i had no idea how to do so. But I've had help from someone amazing so I'll be trying what shes taught me so far. Thank you for your input so far
  3. (Sorry. I'm terrible at explaining myself) So I've made the model for the house, as of right now, i'm just doing a simple box house, I've made the base. I've tried to do the physics with no luck, I've tried different methods, but there's something i'm not doing or understanding (I've never used blender before) so i'm a little lost. The model I made successfully uploaded to SL, but i either cannot walk inside of it, (even when its turned into a prim) or it will remain convex hull, and be completely passable. I've seen a demonstration for a simple box type of room, which I tried and it worked with no problems, its now the bigger model i have the issue with. if anyone could give a demonstration with the model i have i would greatly appreciate it (just message me IW. Thank you !
  4. I have been trying for days to do physics for this one house and I am at my wits end. I have the model. I've built it and deleted it about 60 times now 😅and I really don't know where to go from here. If someone could help me understand and help me do the physics so I can see where I've been an absolute *****, it would be beyond appreciated.
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