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  1. Me and my husband are super interested. My inworld is Blade.Bunny Cᴀᴍɪʟᴀ Mᴀʀᴛɪɴᴇᴢ (blade.bunny)
  2. GTA RP will be your best best for an MC. {grand theft auto roleplay}
  3. Really needy hud is fun but sadly not popular. I use beyou primarily it has a huge community and I would recommend investing into that. There's hundreds of sims that use beyou. It's the most popular hud, lot's of community sims, restaurants, etc. The really needy hud is something I use on the side for some fun sometimes. It's cheap enough that you could do both occasionally.
  4. Oh thank you! FIXED IT! thanks so much
  5. Mesh doesn't rez unless I cam in! I will post screenshots of what it looks like so you can kind of understand the problem as well as my graphics. Thanks for any help! This never used to happen. Does this happen to anyone else? any fixes? thanks https://gyazo.com/cffa6621ed5a8e898dd147e1492e6809 Zoomed in fixes it: https://gyazo.com/c9620584293310cb438de73842190dad https://gyazo.com/888855f326b2f316006a003744a29c9c https://gyazo.com/d6e473762b52b06e63e81131d4e6e859 https://gyazo.com/fa3703419c8d155972f1da351a8c26ac
  6. I am not asking for your snide comments. I am simply trying to find where these two items are from. If you can't help, don't answer.
  7. http://gyazo.com/891f4c72f2fd049dc82786e2be960725 Screenshot of the outfit. Please don't say just ask the person, I just want to know where it's from. I need to know where the fur jacket thingy is from, and if possible the skin.
  8. I see people with urls in their profile. Example.. you'd see the word "Love" and then you click it and it takes you to a webpage. An example of this is Holli Thespian check out her profile, it has the link thingys I'm talking about.
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