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  1. So my only question is that does it change anything for those who are doing process credit already and have provided their IDs in the past?
  2. Is it because you probably don't have USD balance in the account..once you tried to sell lindens for USD you will be asked to accept the tilia terms..And you will be asked for iD when you try to cash them out of SL
  3. Yeah right with the increase of fees one would expect faster cashout as well (remember it used to take a whole week to cashout before) 7 days. But now they take 2-3 days which I think should be down to 1 day maximum or few hours? they are charging a good amount of fees sure they should be improving the service too.
  4. Haha I have green tick on the account I gave ID from while my alt got red tick now so I think I am verified:)
  5. Okay so we have tilia here:) I have accepted the terms and conditions and the good news is that I have been verified now and is good to cash out
  6. Yeah same here, I even filed a ticket yesterday but no response...this is kinda very unprofessional from LL..Although I still understand its hard for them to manage things altogether but still gotta do it!
  7. I think transfer will process if you have done it before 1st aug even if on 31st:) they will still process it on 1st aug if you had requested it before..
  8. I think they are sending you tickets if there is a problem with your ID..I got one ticket on Thursday as they said my id was not clear enough so I had to give different id card.
  9. Well lets be kind to linden lab , they are not our servants...We have to cooperate with them guys. They are working so hard for us to keep everything under rules and regulations and we cant keep blaming them for something. Show some respect and patience and please cooperate guys. Mr.grumpity has replied here answering our questions (Which is totally voluntary btw). Its very kind of him that he cares for us and our questions.
  10. Thanks for clearing it I have given my ID just 3 days ago hopefully I will be good to go on 1st august and yes I had given my id back in 2012 too lol:)
  11. Thanks for the info, but how would we know if we are verified to process credit before 1st aug or not? Or we have to wait till 1st aug to see if we get that red mark again or we are good to go?
  12. Haha yes , but worst part is for someone like me who has already gave my ID and then I thought ok I am verified now all the mess is over then suddenly they say WAIT ON! You are not verified yet lol
  13. Since they had faster the process credit in SL..i mostly get my money in paypal within 1-2 days but its been more then 5 days now i didnt get any money and its showing still in progress Anyone else facing same problem? I cashed out on 21st march
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