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  1. The big difference between Horizons and Bellisseria is the terrain and plot layout. Horizons is very regular and structured with flat parcels in grids. Bellisseria is irregular, with culdusacs, dead ends, twisty roads that give way to pedestrian areas, parks, beaches and so on. The terrain isn't flat and hills have had rocks and bushes planted in them. I was out exploring last night and found a random park full of butterflies nestled in the middle of a group of homes.
  2. The thing to understand here is that Bellisseria isn't the same as the old LH continents, there's a lot more work being done into terraforming and landscaping. Don't even think of Horizons. Think of a modern Boardman or a suburb of Bay City, except the size of a full 380-400 region continent.
  3. Lots are not transferrable. However, your friends are always just a teleport away.
  4. I hear muffled Eurobeat in the distance...
  5. Bay City has celebrations, I see no reason why we shouldn't.
  6. Now I wonder if a cannon on the north coast of Bellisseria could launch someone to Sansara...
  7. C'mon down, ride a pony. The water's fine. Watch the Moles work on your future neighborhood. Visit open houses to get ideas for decoration. Go to a beach party. There'll be plenty to go around soon enough.
  8. Currently planning out ideas for my new place, I'm considering using E-Masking and projectors to create reflections in my mirrors.
  9. Just put Rocky Horror on a screen somewhere, you'll find them.
  10. Love it! You can just imagine Cousin Itt stopping by.
  11. Everybody will have their shot eventually. As has been repeated. Often. This is an ongoing process to replace the old Linden Homes. Time is a flat circle.
  12. This isn't something you'd generally see from griefing. Looks like you've just got a glitch in your system somewhere. Griefing is not a catchall explanation for buggy things that happen with LSL.
  13. I dunno if this is a thing that has been brought up before, it's not an idea particular to Bellisseria itself either, really, but the grid as a whole. It'd be kind of neat if we could get Mainland connected together by water (is moving Zindra closer even feasible?). Maybe using new residential continents as the connecting points. How feasible is it? Hell, I don't know. But it's a silly thing that came to mind watching all this new stuff rez in.
  14. That's a clever way of figuring out how to fit things into the environment. Those green structures have the superimposed silhouettes of the homes that would go on the plot.
  15. When I finally get to get started I'm going to be hard pressed to decide between the Winchester and the Continental, both are so appealing to my sensibilities.
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