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  1. Thanks! That looks like a decent match! EDIT: Hmm, if I'm looking at the same little bones store, they might not sell it anymore
  2. http://i.imgur.com/T5DlxtO.png I've gone through every quality hair store I can find, and nothing seems to match. Any ideas?
  3. Still in the market for a community if anyone has any suggestions!
  4. I'll try to catch you when you're online sometime. I think I'll have to ask you about it directly cause it seems a bit too intense after finding the website.
  5. I bought an item from the market - a stargate, to be specific - and saw that it was too big for my place. I returned it to my inventory, but it left behind an almost-transparent outline of itself which is still solid. How can I select it and get rid of it?
  6. Sold I'll do my best to remember to stay online
  7. Hi all, Guess this is the best place to put this because I'm willing to pay. I need a good-looking (i.e. not just a screenshot, I can do that myself) portrait of my avatar so my profile won't have the anonymous silhouette anymore. Reply here or preferably send me an IM (secondfruit/Melissa Mango) or something because I'm much more likely to notice that whether I'm online or not.
  8. I've found a handful, but I really don't dig the medieval dress code they all enforce. My avatar is a succubus in modern human clothes, and I'd like to not change that.
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