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  1. After ten years here, my question is this; "Is anything Outside of SL really still a Thing?"
  2. Thank you all so much! Collectively that was just what I needed!
  3. The title of this thread says it all ;-) I am looking for good female skin appliers (Demons / Aliens) for the Maitreya Mesh Body and the Lelutka Mesh head. Extra points for a female body applier that has well-defined cleavage or a Head applier that has "cupids-bow" shaping on the lips. Any help is really appreciated!
  4. If Scifi with Bladerunner elements is of interest, then I suggest; Jade Steele's Midian City Jade Steele's Original Dark RP Community http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midian%20City/83/89/559 There are two Midian Cities, and both have an interesting spin on the subject matter and are run by good folks, I just happen to RP in this one ;-P
  5. Tiercelle, I think you have an excellent take on the situation. Freeform LIterary Parapost (FLiP) is an art form as well as a discipline, and can make or break the Roleplay in a sim if used along with responsible Admin policies ( enforce the rules but don't be jerks ) and a backstory that gives people someplace they want to play. Having a build that's not ugly is important too
  6. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Josie Ryder wrote: "I find myself at a point in my life where I'm far more interested in "forbidden chocolate" than "forbidden love". I can only afford the former. ;-)." Madeline McMasters is now my Hero :-) ...gives you half of her Symphony Blue bar. If you want to steal a little chocolate from someone else's bar, heres how to do it. Stolen chocolate has no calories, nor does stolen pizza. I have a way to steal from a round pizza without anyone noticing. Round pizzas are usally cut into eight wedge shaped pieces. When nobody is looking, separate the e
  7. "I find myself at a point in my life where I'm far more interested in "forbidden chocolate" than "forbidden love". I can only afford the former. ;-)." Madeline McMasters is now my Hero :-)
  8. Chris, your post was awesome :-) I've been involved in the SL Roleplay community for a long, long time. If I can be of service helping you make connections there or with anything, feel free to PM me. Good luck in SL, we need thoughtful people like you! ~Josie
  9. I'm interpereting this as "You want to roleplay being someone's Mistress, but want that "In-Character" situation not to adversely affect anyone's "Out-of-Character" relationship?" Thats not stange, its just good roleplay with a praiseworthy amount of sensitivity to the pthers involved. OOC complications break up more good Roleplay than any other factor in SL, so being ethical about the situation is best. Also, you might want to post any stipulations you might have about the kind of person you want to be Mistress to, and any other ground-rules that relate to this roleplay. If you visit any
  10. I'm thinking about instigating some RP for a "family" of sorts, where all the members are random people placed together by Witness Protection and not actually related. They have a good reason to Play Normal (they've all probably got shady backgrounds), so you get the faux family interactions witht the overarching situation that their backgrounds are decidedly "different". ((Yes, I know RL WitPro does not work that way; this is fantasy)) I was thinking two "parents" (maybe a straight couple, maybe not) and a few late-teens kids and maybe a "grandparent"
  11. First up, I'm very sorry that in 2014 you still had to put up with that. A while back, I caught flack for suggesting that the "voice verification police" were still alive and well in SL, and I'm actually sorry to see that I'm not the only one who's aware of it. There are a few Groups that focus on connecting people "who just don't care" about RL; sort of the diametric opposite of the "Voice Verified" groups that seek to handcuff people's SL creativity to the cards RL dealt them. "The Acceptance Project" is one such. Probably, its people who are new to SL and see it as sort of a dating ser
  12. I think a couple of factors are in play; #01..WoW just sucked up a chunk of the player-base with its expansion. #02..The Holidays have hit #03..Its hard for sim-owners to start and maintain a "theme" sim with a narrow RP focus, because a narrow genre-theme narrows the list of players, which also limits the number of people buying rentals or otherwise financially supporting the sim. #04..Admin talent is hard to retain, as being an unpaid sim Admin is a thankless and hate-filled job that also seriously cuts into one's play time, and "play" is the reason you come to a RP sim. SL making it
  13. I'm kinda drawing a blank. If by excluding "urban" you mean excluding any RP set in a city background; that loses you about 90% of the modern/non-scifi/non-horror/non-sexxorz sims in SL. Now, if you mean to exclude "Dark Urban" (places like Crack Den and Deadend) where Urban Decay is front-and-center, that leaves you with places like Lansing City; "First Responder" sims that are set in a very vanilla world and where most of the RP centers around Police/Fire/Ambulence stuff and there is some collateral RP suck as chatting in a coffee shop. This probably will not help much. "Normal" is very
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