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  1. The box is greyed out... I can change it on the marketplace, but not in the viewer for some reason.
  2. I'm confused... I'm 18, my account status is active, and I can view mature and adult content in the marketplace, but not in-world??? I went and tried to change what ratings of content I wish to see... but it's greyed out and locked at general ._.
  3. I need to make a little bit of L$. I have no skills, nor can I commit to a strict schedule (but I can try my best). Sorry if it seems like I am bumming for a quick buck, I just don't have the time to commit to a job nor do I have the money to just buy L$. G rated sims only.
  4. Ummm... sorry if this is a necropost, wasn't sure if I should make a thread or use an existing one... Can someone explain to me why the minimum age to play skill games is 19 in SL? I tried my hardest to find any sort of legal problems that would arise from anything lower, but I couldn't find anything solid. I do know that in my state the minimum age to play tangible, real skill games is 13, not sure about online ones.
  5. Well according to the FAQ in maturity ratings on the knowledgebase, under the very first question, it clearly states that all residents by default can access moderate content.......
  6. According to the knowledgebase all residents are allowed access both general and moderate content regardless of age. (I'm 16) However, I am only able to access general content, both in-world and on the marketplace. What's going on?
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