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  1. Hello ChinRey, thank you very much for the explanation, very helpful. I will keep this in mind going forward. Pamela Galli wrote: If you can send me a mod trans copy I would like to see them, Uma. Hi Pam, I would love to send you a copy but I unlinked it and all I had anyhow was a base and 8 columns. I am trying to do a gazebo like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Small-Furnished-Gazebo-Mini-Skybox/3463728 I did buy the above gazebo when I first arrived in SL, not understanding it was 90 prims. That is why I want to build my own instead with less prims. The sample gazeb
  2. arton Rotaru wrote: Regardless of the prim type, it will always count any prim as 1 under the legacy accounting. What I forgot to mention, the mesh accounting is also triggered when a face has a non default setting for the material maps. If you have a normal, or specular map added to one, or more faces. Hi, thanks for your suggestions, I did not have any materials enable. That is good to know though, I did not know that it could do that, thank you. Pamela Galli wrote: Yes Uma (waves!) a torus is notorious for driving up LI, esp when cut. I believe that cutting spheres will do s
  3. Thank you all for your replies so far. There is no alpha mode or masking on or anything else that alters the physics shape. I went and made myself another set at a sand box albeit a smaller quick version and the LI is 9 just like it should be. Perhaps there is something wrong with the prims that I did make though, I think one of them may have been a sphere originally. I will next try to make a large set and see how that goes (it's not huge, just making a gazebo). In theory, I should be able to link together colums and half-spheres and (non-tortured) prims and get the same LI as I have prims
  4. These are prim cylinders made into colums, 8 of them. They are quite simple. But when I try to link to another cylinder which I wish to make my root prim, which has been path cut, the LI is over 600. So what am I doing wrong please, if anyone knows. Or if you can IM me inworld, the name is Umaeril Resident. Thanks, I will check back here though either way.
  5. Is it the norm that linking columns leads to huge land impacts? Thank you!
  6. I bought an object which comes with a HUD and also is made so that if you click the object you get a menu on screen. What has happened is that an element of the menu, the color control sliders, has actually manifested inworld, in my home, It looks like a slider control panel and it has 10 LI. I am unable to delete it. I can even "take" it, but it leaves a copy behind. I have logged in and out and waited but it is still hanging there in the air. Any thoughts on how I can delete it? I cannot figure out how to reply to this so this is my edit to say that finally I was able to delete
  7. Rolig, thank you so much. That works perfectly I just tried it. Thank you thank you!!!!
  8. Ok this got resolved with the post below mine. Thank you Rolig! Hello this is rather a newbie question since I don't script and it is very hard for me to understand it so far. I have a box with a lid that uses a door script to close. I did not write the script obviously. Anyhow, when I rotate the box 90 or 270 degrees and open the lid the lid does a twist before it opens and the bottom side texture becomes the top of the lid. When it closes all is well again and the top has the right texture. When I rotate it 45 degrees the lid opens and sits in the center of one side of the box. Takes
  9. I was just at a sim that does D&D rp....if I can remember anything more about it I will post. Edit: Not sure if it is tabletop but I think it was. It's called The Sands of Rahaij. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bahamas/105/143/2498
  10. Check out Blue Springs Estate, it is a new modern RP sim. People are needed for police, fire dept, etc, or find your own niche. Here is a link to the post about it. Blue Springs Estate
  11. Umaeril


    Sorry, nothing to see here.
  12. You are obviously very hurt by what happened and I can sympathize with that. But unless you have an open marriage then I don't see what you were doing with him in RL in the first place. Anyhow he sounds like a real piece of work. When people are like that do not regret not knowing them any more, be glad you don't.
  13. My SL avatar has impacted my RL to some degree. Well...I liked my avatar's dancing so much I tried it out in RL. :smileyhappy: But also I am kind of new (joined 6/14) and the biggest impact is that I bring back some SL memories with me to RL. My avatar has gone places I never would have been able to go and some of them are fantastical places or amazing creations and I don't forget them.
  14. I see this all the time, "Modern Prefab Homes" or "Prefab houses" advertised by different stores and am just wondering what the "prefab" part means with respect to the structure itself? Are stores required to say "prefab" if they have that type of a home for sale? Thank you! :)
  15. I am going to start a blog and I want to include pictures of the items of interest. I intend to contact the owners of the objects to get permission out of courtesy anyhow, but..... ...What I want to know is, is permission actually required to take pictures of SL items/objects and blog about them? Is there some kind of copyright or something? I don't want to ever be in violation of this. Thank you!
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