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  1. ziicutie wrote: ... I also would like to take the time to make note to linden labs if they read this on how to help fix a security issue on their website. Tracking cookies can be copied from other websites and peopel can log into your user account on the website. I am assuming that linden labs is aware of this ability because the way the password reset is set up on the website. To prevent this tracking cookie exploit is pretty simple. You need to store on the database the IP adress that they used when they logged into the website. If they are logge in by tracking cookies and the Last I
  2. Qie Niangao wrote: it could be a smart play that benefits from the failure of Net Neutrality in the US and Canada. By spreading out the network demands to a large number of service points owned by fat-pipe participants, he may be able to hide just how large the distributed service has become, and thus avoid paying the carriers their ransom for acceptable last-mile delivery to normal end-users. That might actually work for quite a while. (What can't work is true peer-to-peer distribution, which is what I was fussing about originally. At least not in the US and Canada, where the carriers c
  3. Qie Niangao wrote: it's certainly good news that this won't be High Fidelity (which has an even lower probability of success because its basic architecture depends on widespread high quality broadband -- which can't happen in North America for the foreseeable future). We are heading into OT, but the point is made and I feel I must answer it. I run a number of OpenSim regions and I run a HiFi domain and I have my regions here. To be honest I also have accounts in most MMOs as well, including SOE's new voxel world Landmark. I've not yet seen SLV2 but I would hope to get intot he Alpha to
  4. gregthos wrote: I see people posting in forums they are selling thier regions for let's say $250 (plus tranfer fees). What exactly does that mean? Does LL transfer the region to you and change the name to whatever I want? And what are the monthly fees after that? Will it be $295 a month for "maintenance"? In other news: Regardless of staff, servers, air conditioning or whatever else was cited earlier, that cost is excessive. It's not out of my price range but whether or not I can afford it is irrelevant. I have rented various size lands and I am not new to SL, and the reality is that they
  5. The lab batch payments to save money and time. They have always done this. Why they are different to many smaller places who can afford the staff aned time to do each payment manually is that they are processing thousands, tens of thousands of payments each week. To reduce staff costs, to reduce complexity they decided right from the start that we wait.
  6. Hi OP, Seems you are getting some flack from people. That issue where you see vertexes coming from the (usually) centre of the screen is almost always a heat related issue. The latest drivers, maybe a month old? help a little but SL is a pretty heavy user of the graphics chip in your PC, the nature of a sandbox world where people can make unoptomised builds sadly. You may get some joy with adjusting the VBO features on the hardware tab of your Preferences>Graphics. I know in Singu there are 2 options, normally you want to turn on VBOs but turn off Streaming VBOs with an nVidia. You may
  7. DorryFenwood wrote: ...I'm writing an article... It always worries me when people say that. Who are you writing it for? Das Speigal or Fox news? Jerry Springer? Your PHD? (in which case you would be obliged to show ethics department approval) Research and ideas for your own erotic story writing on [redacted].org?
  8. gregthos wrote: I get that but you are still paying over $100 monthly. That is a lot of money, real money. I think LL are making out like bandits when it comes to land and the price the charge. And more than likely people who are renting out homesteads are people that are locked in at a different price and are making money anyway. I just get a little frustrated with this stuff because I think LL charges too much for their land and maintenance fees are a joke. Just my two cents. Thank you for the replies by the way Owning a full region isn't a game most begeinner players choose. It's som
  9. You need to get a newer viewer. Singu has an alpha that works with Fitted Mesh at https://files.streamgrid.net/singularity/ Otherwise, rightclick the offending/offensive avatar and derender them.
  10. Gaia Clary wrote: So what could be better than waiting for LL to show us what they are going to do ? Let's hope they do Gaia. You are another of the most important people in SL, your work has substantially impacted SL. Not sure Prokovy would consider you FIC for AvStar and your youtube tutorials and lump in with the hated opensource people (laughs) But LL do now need to start to put a positive spin on this, lest the negativity of people like myself infect more. Me, I've been burnt too many times by the lab since 2006. Well, that's enough input from me.
  11. Innula Zenovka wrote: Callum Meriman wrote: irihapeti wrote: maaan !!! and I am that one gets called crazy person sometimes. jejejjejeje (: huehuehue, so funny. Consider this: With this brave new world that on Day 1, when the switch is flipped and the world's press enters cameras at the ready, Why on earth do you think "the world's press" is likely to find the launch of SL2 of any particular interest? Strikes me it would have to be a pretty slow news day. As I said, I hope I am wrong and you and the others are correct. I hope that LL will allow kids roleplayers to inhab
  12. irihapeti wrote: maaan !!! and I am that one gets called crazy person sometimes. jejejjejeje (: huehuehue, so funny. Consider this: With this brave new world that on Day 1, when the switch is flipped and the world's press enters cameras at the ready, fully aware of SL's past that ebbe Linden will be there proudly showing off that Dolcett area where BDSM'ers happily practice caniballism? The press, of course then move on with ebbe proudly showing them the latest Gorean creations, the image of the Master and their kajira at their feet in chains being beamed over the world's newspapers
  13. Prokofy Neva wrote: People come into virtuality to do three things: a) play war b) play house c) play store. <snip> Prokofy Neva Well, as ebbe wrote, there is option d) Ebbe Linden wrote: We just want you to be able to make even better cats
  14. Ebbe Linden wrote: Thanks Loki. I can't wait to see what you'll create in SL and then I'm just totally drooling over what you will be able to create in the next gen product! More likely that Loki and the rest of us Kid roleplayers (or Goreans or Furrys or Kidnap/Rape roleplayers) wouldn't be allowed into the new world.
  15. Let me put it this way... We have normal residents who, now they know that SL's inventory can't be taken over and who will become increasingly aware that any money spent is 100% wasted, they, like me will reduce and stop buying. We have content creators who, to get to sell in the new world will need to rebuild everything. Years of work lost. We have TPV devs and patch submitters who now know that the anything they put into their TPVs or even right back to snowglobe could be used closed sourced. This is ethically wrong. Submissions made in the spirit of GPL and LGPL in which copyright was
  16. Oh Ebbe, one last thing I just considered. As you change the course of the Lab and in-effect abandon SL and all the money we spent over the last decade+ for your new project, please be very careful to fully obey the GPL on all code you modify or reuse from SL. You are going to be closely watched by the TPV community I would say in that regards. Oz at least has some idea of that side of it. A lot of the code in SL viewer, some of the best parts I would personally say, has come from the community itself not from your programmers. That code - if you use any of it - will force you to opensource
  17. Personally, hearing this and knowing people for what they are, I will likely stop buying and creating in SL now. It's clearly headed towards being a dead world. People are going to leave for both this one or for High Fidelity. I don't mind that I have purchased tens of thousands of dollars of inventory over the last 8 years and will lose all that, it's always been clear that the game would close one day - they all do. The inventory had nice use and has no regrets attached. Just a shame that it's dead money. But now, knowing that (1) the new world will be fully closed (2) content creators are
  18. Al Jazeera had an interesting article on Japan outlawing real child pron. (age of consent laws and child porn laws dont match in many countries, a lot of that child porn is stuff where they are over the age of consent - legal to have sex, illegal to take a naked picture). Generally in Japan though the artists there see their art as that, art not as porn. At worst a release. One of the more reasonable views there and in the west too is that when the punishment for fake, pixel based child porn approaches that of real child porn then there is a small subset of people who will make that choice a
  19. Most likely it's a death knell for SL. Some people will move to the evil closed source jail of LL's new world, some will move to the opensource nature of High Fidelity, a small number will be left in the tumbleweeds and landbots here. The lab probably don't intend to close SL, but the nature of people is to flock elsewhere. This is a very sad time. Not all content will go over, most people will dissapear to other places as LL drive a stake into the heart of an 11 year old virtual world and who knows how many millions of dollars worth of content.
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