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  1. I don't know why you're all assuming all this things about me. First of all I'm 21, you have no evidence to claim I'm a minor. Secondly, I never caused any problems, ever, at any sim I've roleplayed at. People who knew me found me nice. I don't know why is my account suspended, I still don't know. I've sent another ticket but they didn't even answer me. And why do you assume I've given false information about my age? All you keep doing is making up things about me with no fundamentation at all. More than a week passed, what can I do to get my account back? Can anyone help me?
  2. Wtf is everyone talking about? I've never seen such horrible people as you all. I'm 21 years old, I've never falsified my information. I don't know why you all say that. I never done anything wrong, they hold my account for no reason and their lack of efficience prevent me to have my account back. You're all so resentfull and mean, I don't know why are you treating me like this.
  3. So why is my account hold and not yours or anyone elses? Why do I have to deal with all this. And you, instead of supporting me, you pick lindens side.
  4. It's mine since they gave it to me. Your argument is really stupid. If someone gifts you a pair of jeans for your birhtday, isn't it yours? They didn't lend me money, they gifted it, so it's mine.
  5. I NEVER SHARED MY ACCOUNT WITH ANYONE, DONT U READ WHAT I WRITE! When I say we, is me and the other people commenting here. Why are you treating me like if I was a rulebreaker or a lyer??? We means me and you. Neither of us did anything wrong here, why can you play on your main account while I cant? Why can you keep your things and money and I have to lose everything. I had an account worth 2.5k Lindens! That's a lot for me!
  6. Drake, I said I didn't remember if I put my real birthday or not. Never said I put a false one. How could I imagine something like this would happen? The only thing those security things are usefull is if you forget your password. And I never forget it, so why would I care for that? How could I imagine the admins would steal my account. I never saw that on any other game,
  7. So nobody knows any admin? They are ghosts? Aren't them administrating in second life? I never saw an online game or server where nobody knows who's in charge of it. Secondly, you aren't being supportive, I've been told that I was lying, people don't believe me that I'm saying the truth when it's obvious I am. You are picking the admins side, when they are acting wrong. I've sumbitted a lot of support tickets and they don't solve my problem. And why do I have to start again with freebie things when I have lindens. If it's the same for you why don't you give out all your lindens and start over again? Neither of us did anything wrong, why should I lose what I've got here?
  8. You all should be going in game, contact an important person from this game, telling them to solve my problem. That's what a friendly person would do.
  9. And why do I have to wait while you all can log in!?'' That's really unfair, I just want to be treated like any normal player. Like you and the rest. There's no difference between you and me, we didn't do anything wrong. Why can you be enjoying second life while I can't log in!?
  10. I followed all the steps and gave all my information honestly, wtf are you talking about? I want to recover my account! I don't know why you all are against me instead of helping me.
  12. Tari, why are you saying that?? Why can't I have my account back!? If I didn't do anything against the rules! I never did anything wrong! It's me who made the account, who's been always playing! Do you think I'm lying? Why are you being so negative to me! I made this thread to make admins answer me, or normal players to contact admins. Can you contact one of them?? I need my account back!
  13. I want my account back to keep roleplaying at this game. I don't have intentions to pay irl money to do so, so that's why I want my account back, to roleplay on a decent looking avi
  14. I see a lot of bad feith from Dillon. I'm not the same kind of player like you are. My inventory consists of some clothes, I had like 4-5 outfits. I know it takes time to organize everything, but I could buy the clothes again if I needed to. I never had a propierty, never rented, or anything like that. Regarding the contact list, they are people I met in the game, wich I've roleplayed with. I'm a roleplayer, I use rp sims, I separate In character from Out of character. Besides, I haven't been on second life for a while, so I don't remember the names of the people I used to roleplay with. I repeat, none of them are irl friends, I never knew their real names, I don't have their skype or anything like that. And are you trying to say that my support ticket isn't taken seriously because I never spent money on the game? That's really unfair, all players should be treated equally. I haven't done anything to have my account blocked. I can't play anymore because in a whole year I didn't play alot? Because I never spent money? I'm asking for help here, because I want to keep playing on second life. If you don't want to help me, don't comment here. And to Parrish, I never gave my password to anyone. I use the same password to all my alts, and none of them are touched. And I've never done those lindens relams or things like that. I've always roleplayed since the first day I've been here. And peopole I've roleplayed with, wich aren't irl friends, helped me so that I could buy stuff that makes my avatar look better, improving the roleplay that we have. This is what can be seen from my avatar before the hold message comes. As you can see, the hair can cost like 300L, the pants costed 100, the jacket 50, the t-shirt 10, the rest were freebies. In order to roleplay at a sim, I need a decent looking character, nobody would like to rp with someone looking like a noob. Another day has passed and I'm still getting no answer from the admins. All I want is to be able to log in again and roleplay, either with people I used to rp with and new people, with a decent looking avatar, even if it's bbnny8 or a new one.
  15. Well, I'm from Argentina, I don't know how many players from my zone are playing too. Anyway, I've answered the questions honestly. I'm older than 18, I've never done anything wrong. I don't think someone would hack an account with just 2k lindens worth (it's valuable for me though), and the people who gave me money weren't rich or weren't doing anything wrong, they gave me like 1k nothing more. I still can't find a reason why is this happening.
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