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  1. This is my second inquiry. I made a purchase of linden dollars today using my Paypal for which I did not receive payment for. I use my Visa card through Paypal and it has been charged for the purchase but i still haven't received the linden dollars. When can I expect to receive my Linden money?:smileymad: Please tell me something.
  2. I purchased some Linden Dollars about an hour ago and my account still has not been updated. :smileymad: Please Help!
  3. On yesterday Saturday the 27th of October I received a tip of 2000L which brought my account total to 4000. On Sunday I noticed it was gone. I checked my transaction history and it showed "Destination: SYSTEM Linden Adjustment 2000L debit/" Can you tell me what happened to my lindens? Thank you for your help.
  4. I made a big mistake. I purchased the same cart full of items twice. When I thought my first purchase went through, the message on my payment screen said "was not able to process purchase", so I did ity again. and later saw i had two of everything in my received folder that was in my cart.. Please Helpppp What can i do to get a refund? Please help! grrrr.
  5. My friend is having a problem registering on Second life. After they put all the information in, it says registration is unavailable at this time try again later. They have been trying for almost a month now. What should they do? Thank you
  6. I just purchased new skins for my avi...and now i'm looking for a mesh butt that will be compatable wit the Oh La licious skin. I believe that would be Phat Azz Mesh Booty. Where can I find that product? I've been lookin all over mp and in world and nothing. Please help, thank you.
  7. I'm having a problem using the controls to change my home design. i've tried using the home control panel and it prompts me to go to web page, but tthere's nothing on the web page. It saids "There was an error in processing your selection or the house is not responding. Please click again on the house control panel inworld or try again later." It's been that way for two days now. Please advise on what I need to do to resolve this issue. Thank you for your help[.
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