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  1. @Monty Linden, lol yeah it sure is. Google still found it for me do to illustrate CDN is in use quite a while. Should have added the date of Quote thanks for pointing out.
  2. oh wow @Qui Ninangao @ChinRey & @ animats yeah that sound exactly like it thanks for that info. The changes seem to always appear after a server reset maybe this could give LL a hint on where to look. With more and more advanced graphics objects (like decals) in a region i hope LL realize the bug will become more and more annoying. Alwin pointed out this is a user forum, are Jira's the way to talk with the Lindens? or do they have a more custom friendly way to get/give feedback? what the team was doing in Sansar (having weekly meetings with users) was kind of nice and more direct. I hope they realize in time SL is do lacking lots in graphics speed and shader quality by far there better unique and still money making product
  3. @animats the changes stay very consistent over any number of logins once they happen after the restart. so yeah i always keep some textures that are missing random but this really is some sort of server issue it seems . @Alwin i meant CDN Alwin. With CDN a lot of that data is now pivoted away from the simulator host, as it is now supplied by the CDN’s servers. The frees-up capacity on the simulator host for handling other tasks (an example being that of region crossings), leading to additional performance improvements across the grid. Highwinds, a CDN provider Linden Lab initially selected for this project, has 25 data centres around the world and a dedicated network from and through which essential asset data on avatar bakes, textures and meshes (at present) can be delivered to SL users
  4. Hi LL every now and than after a sim restart the server messes up the alpha mode of some of the textures. its either set to none or the wrong blending type. since it takes a sim now longer to load all textures assets etc (at leased for me since the move to the cloud) it means each time after restart i have to wait and wait long to check which group of trees or whatever decals etc are effected if any that is. a guess would on be it happens like 8 to 9 times a year to me and of course now 2 weeks in a row but its a real pain to correct and cost hours on the whole sim to fix and check. specially the decals under other decals etc well you get the picture I'm sure. Because its such a random mistake i took it for granted as part of the pain from SL but with using more and more decals and knowing others have the same at leased the friends i checked. I take the liberty to ventilate my frustration over this here in the hope some one at LL can pick this up.
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