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  1. Bento and animesh is one step closer to that and I think it'd be cool if mesh clothes/fabrics would wave around as we move.
  2. Thank you! my home is njow stable and happy! but i'd love to pay you a visit sometimes!
  3. Hello! i'm interested in becoming your roommate, unfortunately i couldn't find your SL username, so answer me here ❤️
  4. I'm so sorry to ask, but I am a broke resident, i'll become your *****post/meme roommate (i'll try hard to make you laugh!) it'd mean so much if you let me live with you;;; please contact me: unicorn556
  5. I am a hobbyist artist, and in need of some cash in SL. here are my examples: https://www.deviantart.com/smeefus-corn/gallery/ http://smeefus.tumblr.com/search/smeefy+draws sketch: 90 L$ colored: 700 L$ shaded: 1500 L$ i'd appreciate your co-operation!
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