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  1. I roleplay a 16-17 year old boy looking for a family, haven't had any luck at adoption agencies Feel free to send me NC in world! spencerrhys
  2. Hey, I'm an avid RPer and pretty good if I do say so myself. Been away from SL for a while, it can get boring being a teen without people to hang out with who actually RP as teens. I'd love to have a chance to meet you and your daughter, even if a BF/GF thing doesn't work out at least i'll have a new friend to hang with. Spin
  3. Hello, my name Spencer Rhys. I took a bit of a hiatus from SL to sort out some RL things and also figure out what exactly I want of SL. I have ben thinking seriously into teaching, I ran an after school program IRL and would love to do so for Willowdale. Look forward to hearing from you, Spencer Rhys
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