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  1. Im looking for work to make some cash, so if anyone needs help with anything just hit me up (reply)
  2. Just riting this to get my rep up on forums
  3. I will, im a PS and CINEMA4D Graphics designer, I think I could do it MAde that for someone
  4. Sure man, hit me up, i can be pretty good for the right price, know what i'm sayin
  5. I need a way to make some side money, so I will do anything for anyone!! I only work for cash though, hehe :3 So if you need something done, hit me up!!
  6. Im really looking for a good neko store that sells male neko clothing and outfits, Im looking for ones like Virtual Attitre, so if you know any please tell me!! Either reply to this or IM me in game, draco379
  7. Im looking for work because im trying to earn some money, so if any needs help with anything at all give me a shout!! Il do anything for some cash! Thanks :)
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