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  1. Development work has been done on an SL Music related project which I am now looking to fully complete. I am looking for a scripter who is confident in LSL and PHP work. I am willing to pay the going rate or discuss other options if you prefer. The project is quite large and has two games. If you are interested, I can send Notecards or Emails with full details of this project. I am keen to learn as much as is necessary and work with scripter to get this project up and running. If you think you can work with me, IM me inworld, or Email me john.clare12@btinternet.com
  2. Hello How would I set up a script to deduct a % (percentage) of an amount paid into an object and also retain that to my account? I understand this would not be a split or shared profit script. Example: Land owner pays L$200 into object, I retain a % (10) with remaining budget for use when someone visits the land clicks on the object and receives the L$ I would like to learn how to set this up please. Thanks in advance for your time
  3. Hello Darrius and Rolig, Thanks again for the replies. Yes, it seems as though it just needs to be a simple vendor, not a split payment vendor but not a group owned one., the remaining money is not needed to distributed among group members. Say for example someone visiting a land clicks on the object they get the L$ as reward (like camping). What commands would I need to include in a script to make this happen so I retain a % of any money paid in?
  4. Hello, the land owner owns the object - the rest of the money is used for payout or reward. thanks.
  5. Okay, let me try and clarify the question - I am looking for a script that would allow me to collect the tax and not split it with anyone else. Example, object is placed on land, land owner pays into object L$200 I keep 10% - what commands do I use in the script for this please? Thanks again for you time and also reply.
  6. Thanks again for any advice
  7. Hello, This is a great script - how would you configure it so that anyone who pays into an object pays the owner say 10% (tax) of the amount they are paying? Again, thank you for this excellent script and any advice. Regards. John
  8. Hello, I am looking for someone to complete some scripting work for two music related games - I have part of a script, but have been badly let down and the person who started the work for me last year seems to have vanished off the radar. If you are able to help with this, then please contact me via IM, or drop me a note card - I can then provide an Email for you detailing the requirements for the games. I would be grateful if you could provide me with details of any work you have completed within Second Life. Many thanks. John Clare (jbc71_Resident)
  9. Hello, I am looking for sonmeone to create a mesh music conductors baton, that can be worn as an object. The object must be able to hold scripts and look realistic and be professional in design. I am willing to pay for this and can provide a picture as an example if needed. Contact jbc71_Resident
  10. I am looking for someone who can create a professional looking music conductors baton for a music project that I am working on. The baton should be 100% mesh and not too many prims and should be able to be worn in the palm of the hand. It should also be able to hold scripts. If you can help please IM jbc71_resident and we can meet up to discuss this. Thanks. John
  11. Hello, I hope someone can help me as I have been let down by a person creating scripts for me on here. I am beta testing a new game and need some scripts programmed for 'Breedables' - they are similar to shubbies but not the same and the troubot scripts are not suitable for this. I do not have a huge budget, but initial tests show there is interest in this game and I am prepared to make it work. If you can help, please get in touch - I am jbc71_Resident. www.radiojohnbc.com
  12. Hello, I hope someone can help me please. I am looking for a script that will allow any avatar to touch a prim, then to have to wait for so many seconds before receiving a L$ payout, the coundown would be visible above the prim - the avatar would not be able to retouch the prim again for 24 hours. I found a camping script and another that pays out to two different people, but these do not countdown. Thanks in advance for your help. John (Jbc71)
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