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  1. I do have the routing set for landing point only. That seems to work fine for inworld links, links from the Events Calendar and so on. But no matter what I do, this one puts people in the geographic center of the parcel. Because of the nature of the build, it was awkward to create a landing spot to accommodate the link, but I tried. But different people seem to land at slightly different spots, so that didn't help. Even worse, the altitude on the link is set at 0 which occasionally propels folks way up into the sky when they try to teleport in. I had not experienced this issue before now. https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/113114/silk-road-den It's a shame, really, because it makes this feature unusable for us. I would have liked to create pages for all our venues. It was a really good idea... but this glitch is a deal-breaker. Daimon Silverdragon (somagroup.resident) Property Manager, Qoheleth & Seeking Wisdom
  2. I only just discovered Place Pages. In trying to set up some of ours, I have discovered that the teleports do not go to the parcel landing point as they should. People testing out the link are rezzing inside of a wall. Is there anything to be done about this? (And no, I can't move the wall, lol) Daimon Silverdragon (somagroup.resident) Property Manager, Qoheleth & Seeking Wisdom
  3. We are seeking to hire a videographer to make a video of a small photography exhibit being presented by a dear friend at the Helgerud Gallery on Seeking Wisdom. The exhibit is coming to an end and we'd like to preserve it on video for him. We don't need fancy video effects or music--would rather let the photos take center stage--but would welcome ideas about creative ways to present the material. The photographer is interested in doing a voiceover narrating the exhibit. None of us have any expertise at all when it comes to video, and we need help! If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me inworld. Daimôn (SomaGroup Resident) Property Manger, Seeking Wisdom / Refuge for Peace
  4. Greetings, I represent the owner of the sim named Bondage. Although the sim is named Bondage, the owner actually has no interest in BDSM, and wishes to evolve in a more vanilla direction. Before he just renames the sim, and the name is lost forever, we thought we’d ask around to see if anyone who IS interested in BDSM might want to buy one of the most distinctive addresses in SL. Because of the sim name, traffic is effortless. People simply show up, because it’s named Bondage. There is a tiny BDSM club on the island (Temple of Bondage) that has steady traffic without any promotion. You can expect the same for your own club, dungeon or RP setting. The price is US$1,000 – or best offer – to own the name “Bondage” and the flat, clean, full-prim sim. If you are interested, we will throw in ownership of the Temple of Bondage, a small but active BDSM club with 366 members. The current owner will pay the transfer fee. Please direct all inquiries to me, Daimôn (SomaGroup Resident), property manager for Bondage sim. (The sim owner is Markings Dreamscape, who asked me to seek out prospective buyers.) And please spread the word. Thanks!
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