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  1. oCasinee

    Hei :)

    Hello, I am Maelys. I am 19 years old, from Romania. I was offline for a while, and my friends quited Second Life 2. So, now I suppose I have to look for other people to hang out. I already have a best friend, named Luthia, but she has her own bussines RL & SL and she gets very busy sometimes, I respect her and I try to understand her needs, that's why I am doing my best not to disturb her, that's why I am looking for someone or a group to hang out and to explore places. I am friendly and kind, I do my best not to judge, but sometimes I can be sarcastic, not in a bad way or with bad intention. I use Voice or Skype. I love to travel and to explore places around SL, to be silly, to have fun. I work at Ave-Moi as a Support Service, I live on my own. Even if I am at work, you can come by and be around me, because this job is one anyone wishes for. I am not stressed and I enjoy being there, plus we can hang at the beach or at caffe club. Music: Rapp, Futurism, Chillstep. Movie: Horror, Action, Psychological, SF. Please, ADD me directly to SL or send me a notecard if I am away, not because "I feel important", but because my messages gets capted. Hope to meet you!
  2. Hi, I'm Maelys. I am roleplaying as a young adult. I am from Romania, GMT+3. I am friendly, outgoing, talkative, kind, I like to explore, but I like being lazy too. I am not an organized person, but neither messy. At the moment, I am looking for roommate/s. I own a small land : 1536sqm with 773prims. I have 100 prims available for you. No need to share or pay the rent. It's for free, because I remember when I had no job in SL and I had no choice, but being on sandboxes. I am not a judgmental person, so anyone's very welcome. Please, don't be shy and say "Hi" to me Inworld: oCasinee. ?
  3. Hi, I'm Maelys - young adult, from Romania. GMT+3. I'm friendly, kind, curious, outgoing, but sometimes I can be a lazy ass, even if I like to explore places in Second Life. I am not into too much drama, but I like to gossip and talk. I have only a few friends in SL, but they are not online anymore, so I am looking for new friends, possible roomate/s. I am not a judgmental person. Anyone's welcome. IM me inworld: oCasinee
  4. Hello! My name is Maelys and I am looking for a place to move in. I am from Romania, GMT+2. Currently, I don't have any place to stay and I am tired of sandboxes, griefing and lag. I can share the rent too, half of the rent. But I can't put more than 900Lindens per month. I have only a few friends, I won't bring them home unless you don't mind. I am not an organized person, but I don't like to bother the other person whom lives with me, so we can make some rules if you want to. I don't mind if you want to bring your friends home, I would love to hang out with them too or if you don't want, I can sit quietly. Or if you already have another rommate, neither I don't mind. A little about me, your future roommate: Maelys, 19 years old, friendly. For me, the respect is before everything. I am not a judgemental person, I don't mind if your avatar is a human or something else, about you religion, your skin color, your sex orientation or about your age. Hit me up with a PM: oCasinee Resident
  5. oCasinee

    Heii :3

    Hei, I am looking for a buddy, sister or a brother. Someone to spend time with in Second Life My name is Casi , I am 18 (RP) years old, have my own home in SL, I work in SL and in RL too. I am very active. As a person, I would describe myself as a good one. A caring person, someone you can trust, you can talk to. I am very protective, but I am not getting jealous, my friend's friends are very welcome too. I don't like to go to shopping, I prefer to buy from marketplace. But I like to travel, to do sort of activities. I have many avatars, from being a baby to being an adult or neko,furry, wolf avatars. But I like to keep myself as a young adult. I have a pet, Linda, a pitbull zooby. She doesn't bite, only if needed I accept any friend,sister or brother. Even if you're human or not , even if you're straight or not. I am not a judgmental person, so you are all welcome ! IM me inworld,please ( oCasinee Resident )
  6. I could try it for free. PM me
  7. Could I get an application inworld, please? oCasinee Resident.
  8. So hard ... Well , my name is Davina , yes my name is from a serial named The Originals and yes , I am a vampire in SL , too , but I am not playing as a vampire , drinking blood or stuffs like ... Anyway , I was offline a time and all my friends , they dissapeared , one by one . They are not online anymore , so yes , I am lonely , so lonely. I am looking for simple people , being themselves , wearing no masks , having a "nude" self ... means they must be honest with me. I am not a judgemental person or a critical one . I accept the fact that everyone's different in their own way and I am not GOD or another important person to judge or critice them , thats why I love when someone's telling the truth and not the lies. Maybe I have a bad grammar , because English is not my native language , but I am doing my best , I am studying and trying hard to learn . I am from Romania and I know , maybe you heard bad things about my country , but I am not a gypsy , you can see my RL pic and I am not bad or an uncultured person . I love my country and I am proud to be a romanian girl. I am not racist , I have gypsy and tanned friends in RL and I just love them . I don't care about the country , the color skin/hair/eyes of a person . I am simple , maybe insane somethimes , childish , but serious and mature when I have to be . I am the person which you can talk with , and I can keep secrets , you can see this in time . I a kind , friendly , nice and I love to help , but I am also a bad person if you are a jerk with me . Maybe I am an angel with good people , but I could be an "angel" with horns too with bad people . I love to VOICE , but you're not obligated to voice too , it;s up to you . You will get to know me better in time , I promise , you will no regret :] This is my avatar :] 
  9. Of course , you can be my friend . I told you , I prefer a honest friend, to be himself older / younger , doesn't matter . Thank you for being honest with me . No problem , avatar isn't a problem for me.
  10. I think you are looking for a partner , but not as normal partner. I think you are looking for someone to live with , doing sex with it / talking with it / and the ROOMMATe shouldn't be jealous if you want to have a partner , but you still have sex with your roommate. Do you saw that movie ? : " Friends with benefits " ...couse you really should
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