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  1. tryed to buy lyndons enter password came up, filled in my sl password, refused message says password dont match our records yet i was logged in to sl on the grid and i and it is the same pass for my account it allowed me to buy them , is it a bug on the web site, i also logged to sl on the market place with my password and i can access ok no probs whats happening , or do i have to enter my paypal, password
  2. thank you i found out now skin tone can be a pain
  3. thanks a lot for your help im very gratefull
  4. thank you for your help i see now
  5. hi there can someone help me please, i need to know how to change the skintone on my avatar, i have slink feet and hands, but the appliers do not work very well in getting the right tone, my worry is that if i purchase a new skin and apply it, the shape of my avatar will change and i will lose the shape of my face, but i do need to darken my body tone, so that ican get the right shade, in the slink hub menu, as the color of pantyhose etc, black always looks light brown so i figured that dark, skintone will give me the correct color, on my slink feet, thanks to anyone who can help please, xxx velvet
  6. hi i have a prob where my arms are going inside my body when they are folded can anyone help with this, i recently made my self shorter would be greatfull of help please thank you velvet
  7. got a rob with av transparent bodies nothing loading right feet hands hair look transparent very thing is worn can someone help please
  8. thank you for putting him right dreseden but his question was no help to me lol
  9. hi ya but i dont see why you replyed to me asking me a question about what you got from a shop i was asking for help your reply was as useull as a rubber spanner for me thanks lol
  10. thank you sweetheart your very kind xx
  11. hi i have made some very good frends here but now am feeling sad i had some good fun and like bondage, but now it feels like people want to ignoreme what have i done to them i dont have a problem it feels like im being pushed out no one will rp with me i am female in rl and feel very sad i feel like i have lost my frends but they have not blocked me any advise would be helpfull i am feeling let down but i still love there company i dont feel like doung anything on sl anymore but i love it thanks for your help
  12. yes i know thing s break, but there should be maintaninence a least once a month and then perhaps things would not break, see my point having said that i have never had a prob as yet but lasy night there was no mesage in im to say they was going down or offline, they could have put a message up saying you are beong logged out due to problems with server check back later, its only curtious to do that as no one had any warnings it could have been a problem if someone had been buying lyndons or transfering cash
  13. hope i dont lose anything as a resault of all this
  14. i cant understand why they dont schedual maintaines instead of unscheduakde
  15. thank you sassy will have to do that i think
  16. thanx for that it was a moderate rp sim but idont think there is combat allowed there how do i know if a moderator is online ? the was quiet and the two who was involved where lurking around about outside, looked like they where out to spoil peoples fun they where letting there weopons off inside the apartment, and rules of the som state not to interfere with others rp and yes i did report to the sim owner
  17. hi there every one, i am getting sick to death of people, interfering with others rp, troling ? i think its getting out of handthe last couple of nights have been awefull, we where r playing the other night and two idiots came into our room, and decided to shoot everything with weapons, and it was on a moderate sim, now is there a developer out their who can help put a stop to it by making something to protect us against theese weapons and if they use them against you that we can block them, or will sl do something about it anyone had the same probs i would like to no you will be glad to know that i filed a report against these morons their ip adress should be blocked for life thanks for reading peeps
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