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  1. sorry i disagree i have a dated pc what runs it np at all it ran on a amd athlon dual core with 4 gig of mem and a amd graphics card a 5670 asus amd one np only with camera lag at clubs where there was a lot of avs
  2. page dont exist message
  3. it usually happens when you sign in from a different device, this is google not sl, i get it all the time on my phone , its because each device has a diff ip adress hence google picks that up and thinks its a attack , in other words a false positive, check your google security settings like it says look for the device you have if its there take no notice if its a diifferent one then changes your google password it can happenn idf you use vpn as well
  4. so will this have any differeance with perfomance
  5. you can just set the sim to no flying thats gravity
  6. not all sex is porn , its about love not lust, and sex should be enjoyed and not treated just as a baby making tool, its in our nature to peform it, and should not be treated as taboo subject, its about the joining of to people in a act of love
  7. just wishing everyone in secondlife a happy new year, and lets have a better year than 2020, well its certainly been eventfull with covid 19 takeing out lifes over, so lets kick out 2020, and hope 2021 is a better year, god bless you all, and god speed to you i have many freinds here and i thank all of those for being there for me over the years here sl is going from strength to strength its a great place to be and i hope the futere is good here, THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING WITH ME HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL SEE YOU IN WORLD CHEERS PEEPS
  8. binder59

    PC freezing

    might be some background file starting up on your pc in the services, if that file is takeing to much memory then your pc will lock, and firestorm takes a lot of memory, i would have a look and shut down non eesential files try dissableing firewall, and virus checker, sl is pretty safe try swictching the firewall to allow incoming and qoutgoing conections, also clear cach and defrag fegular, hope this helps good luck
  9. i am having probs, with it as well low fps 4, on the other version i get 20 fps, also graphics gliches so i reverted back, and yet the beta testers in sl where saying it was ok, and when i aksed about the prob there i got abuse hurled at me someone called me a spoilt female dog , this is not funny
  10. i have also had problems with the new update from firestorm, with the laq hud on looks , where the image of my face should me only eyes and mouth showing, with red background and black text saying head baked, i s ok with previous version, also other browsers, and im only getting 5 fps, the other version and browsers 20 fps
  11. try different dns settings ie google dns number or cloudflare dns alt this is a fast dns server and may connect you quicker
  12. sorry didnt realise you where in iran , try a vpn thats anonymous ie cyberghost is ok uses servers from allover the world, the prob is that the vpn may slow connection down so you may be getting a server timeout ie your slow connevtion may not be connecting quick enough due to provider being slow
  13. might be that you need to shut down the vpn compleatly or my be thinking wrong ip adress ? try reinstall and run without vpn , tbh why use a vpn withe sl no need i have vpn but never use it with sl
  14. hi just wondering, i have aquired a lyndon victorian home, just one question, hope someone will know, am i allowed to build a skybox above my house if its at a certain height, and is within the boundrary of my home thanks for any help on this subject
  15. hi recently acquired a new home at Dalton, i am suffering lag terrible, when i log on , 2fps, then gets to 5 fps takes ages to load area, is there a problem with the server there, i am a premium member, whats going on , anyone tell me please
  16. hi i have intel graphics on my laptop, and firestorm works fine processer is a i5
  17. hi need some help my streaming sound has vanished, in both viewers is this sl lag, because it was working fine before i upgraded viewers , all of my settings are correct in prefs please can someone help thank you
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