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  1. Hey Jubi, If this request is still open, I'd love to talk to you about it. I'm a roleplayer in CD (Journalist for the Observer) and I've been looking for someone to become, well, an RP partner. My character is a 21 year old writer named Luna-Rose Valentina, who has no connection to her parents (and with her brother dying just a month prior) is now stranded in Hathian. I've recently been looking for someone who Luna could stumble into, perhaps a cousin or distant relative. Or really anyone that had just about anything to do with her past. If you're interested and this calling is still open, let me know here or in world (JulietValentina). Thank you!
  2. I have recently just discovered an amazing RP location called Crack den, also known as The Den in SL. It's very organized but you must be a signed up member to acess and engage in the roleplay. It says that I may role play as a "CD drifter" till my application is accepted. Does anyone have an idea of how to do that, because I'm still quite confused.
  3. Hello Poprocks Music Club! I'm Juliet, a young woman who is new to Second Life and is interested in a hosting job. I finished reading your forum and am interested in the offer available. Although as of now I'm quite new, I do have the outgoing and cheerful personality you're looking for, so I think I'd be quite good for this job. My English also excells, which in my opinion is a huge bonus to my skills. I'm really interested in this job and would love to be apart of your Music Club. If you should consider me, please notify me of any questions or comments you may have. Thank you, Juliet.
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