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  1. Freya Mokusei wrote:

     I'd say it's entirely likely that little to no-one fits your target demographic.

    Yeah pretty much seems like, i guess i just let it run for another month on autopilot and then do something else.



    valerie Inshan wrote:

    Pasting a few lines from your sim's description:

    But be aware: The space is limited and everyone can delete any objects or kill other avatars.

    1. What can i do in the SIm?
    2. -Return everything from other people
    3. -Send other people home by killing them.

    And you wonder why it is so dead? :o Indeed, who would want to live in such a secure place? :P 

    People have their privat homes there since 2 months and not been returned. So yeah, i am surprised. The only homes that have been returned by people used like 1500 prims for a small house or have not been to the sim in ages.

  3.  I run a Fullprim Sim (M) since 2 Months which provides everyone who wants Free Land. I am kinda suprised about the lack of people interested in free land where they can be creative and do what they want. Its basicly so dead that i think about changing it back to a Sandbox, or something else for that matter.

    If someone is interessted in being creativ or a group of people looking for a place to squat, feel free to take a look


    For infos about the sim, read this text:


    Its basicly a reboot of the Anarchotopia Sim back from 2013.

    I surprisingly never had any sort of grieferattack, until this post.


    //And since its april first, its not a joke

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