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  1. Thanks for the info! Texts would be great for updates since my email is bombed with garbage every morning. It needs to come up soon, it is imperative that I make it to a sale that ends today. Totally just kidding about the sale...lol
  2. Thank you all. Would have came back sooner, but had some RL chaos.....but thank you for the help!!
  3. Hello I always appreciate the help I get here, so thank you. I have to ask for some guidance again. I have a group owned 2048 parcel. There are two of us premium members donating 512m to the group. However, today a third person has just donated their 512m. To be able to cover any leftover tier, in my account settings what do I set the tier at? $5 (512) or $8 (1024)Sorry if I am not explaining things well. The group bonus is throwing me so that is where I am stuck. Also, if three people donate their 512m, how much land does that add up to with their bonus. Is it 10% person? I have tried doing a search for the answer, but not finding anything. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you very much. That is what I am doing now, sitting in a sandbox, extracting everything that got clumped together (lol I cannot even say "linked" because it is to me ...a messy "clump"). I do not want to lose any no copy, but some are more important, such as all my bedroom items. I can see that I "might" (big might) have clicked too fast when moving and got some things (copy/mod) linked together, but I always take no-copy, transferable and/or gacha items one by one when putting back into inventory...that is why when I saw these returned it was very strange to me. But thank you, I did take your advice and am in a sandbox unlinking things. I am just going to delete copy/mod objects and either get redelivery or re-open boxes -just start over. Thank you Mazidox. I will file a report as soon as I get all of my items unlinked and sorted back in my inventory. I do not want to put them back out in my house until I hear from support. I also want to go through my house and see if there are other items missing before I file the report. I am not seeing everything I set up last night when moving into my new home. I need to check what is missing against my inventory. Thanks again, both of you. Sorry if my post was confusing.
  5. I am not sure if this is the correct section to put this in, but since it is happening on my land I will start here. Hopefully, it is in the right area of the forum. It is also hard to explain what is going on. Anyway, I log on this morning to find half my items in my lost and found? They were well within my property line, not even close to the neighbors' parcels. I also was not even close to my prim limit either. How could something be returned when it is not on someone else's land? One thing I noticed when looking in my inventory is that some of the items looked like somehow they got clumped (linked) together in. So would this have something to do with it? Perhaps when I rez an object, something could be attached to an item and while one part is on my land the other is on someone else's and I just cannot see it? But, then again some of the items that were returned to me had their own individual box(according to my inventory), they were not linked to others and even a few of those got returned. This is just weird. Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas on what could be going on and how to fix it. Like I said, it is hard to even explain what is going on, I have never had this happen before.
  6. Hi Joe, Does Maya's Buildings have any demos? I have been searching for a new home for a week and I always keep coming back to Maya's, but I can only find them on MP. Am I missing something inworld? Thanks
  7. Agree with you. I had no problem matching the Maitreya body to my non-mesh head with Glam Affair skin. It was a seamless match. They do have appliers at the Glam Affair store. Not sure how much I paid, but was very happy with the results.
  8. Ahh, thank you very much. I had to change my tier plan and then donate. It would not let me donate more than 512. It did not give me any warnings. Well thank you very, very much!!
  9. Hopefully, I got this in the right section. So I found a 2048 plot and am trying to buy for the group. We have 1024m donated. I know there will be some tier left over that I will have to pay 2048-1126 =922(I am throwing the 10% in). So that will bump me up into the $8 fee. However, every time I go to confirm purchase it won't go through. I tried a few times. I am wearing the group tag, I click "About Land" -> "Buy for group", it then goes through all the terms and then asks me to confirm I want to buy, I click okay and nothing happens. So I do not know if there is something wrong on SL end or if I am missing a step? I checked announcements and there is no issues according to SL. Any advice would help, thanks.
  10. Price reduced to $5,499L. I am usually online often if you have any questions.
  11. Wow. Just checked out that property, very nice. If only my parcel would sell.
  12. I have a nice 1120m parcel (384 prims) on the Atoll continent. It is protected on three sides by navigable waters that you can use to sail/fly to other regions. The parcel is just steps away from a public boardwalk system to use for a nice stroll or bike ride that takes you through different sims. In addition to The Temple of Iris, a Linden Historical Site, along the boardwalks are some lovely lots, sparkling waters, the Moth Temple Preserve, as well as small shops and other well-kept land which are part of the Second Life Public Land Preserve ….to look at. Check it out! I have enjoyed the property, I am just needing something bigger now. It is in a quiet area, I have never had an issue with other neighbors or lag. I have it priced below other parcels in the area so I can get moved to a land parcel for Autumn. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catax/20/49/22
  13. I would never say premium is a waste of money. In fact, I wish I would have gone premium much sooner than I did. I was a regular member for several years before switching to premium. I would recommend premium if a person is regularly spending a fair amount of Lindens like I was every month either for rent, goodies or both, because of the weekly $300L stipend. In the end paying for premium was a wash (because of the stipend) regarding how much I was spending. People can start with a monthly or quarterly and test it out, if they don't like it, they can always cancel. If people are happy living in the Linden homes, then they have more lindens for merchandise. I lived in the Linden homes for awhile, but then took a chance one day and went with land. I would not go back to renting after enjoying the rights I get with land ownership. I am still learning as far as land goes, working my way up from 512 parcels to larger parcels, but with the right help, it is actually not too difficult. I pay annually now because of the savings but started out quarterly just to check it out, I will remain premium as long as I can. I know it is not for everybody, I just like sharing the benefits I get from it. It makes my SL much more fun, maybe it will for others as well.
  14. Well hello again. I see a lot more helpful info has come in, thank you so much. I wish I had something good to update with, but I am still trying to get my parcel sold. It is priced below other parcels in my area. It is pretty nice, nothing wrong with it -I just do not fly or boat anymore and want something bigger. Anyway, once that gets sold, hopefully, the scenario I presented works out. If not, I have actually found some other potential parcels that are very nice too. One of them is bigger, but I might be willing to raise my budget to live there. On that note, (parcel hunting) I have to say how sad it is what some people are doing to landowners around them -well, it is a shame to the parcel itself, too. I found some beautiful parcels that have giant builds visible from the neighboring parcels. Yes, they can be derendered, but I like having people over so that would mean guests would have to derender multiple privacy walls, giant flashing Elvis signage, neon booby signs, etc. Actually, a few of the builds were not clickable, so I could not derender them, I am not sure what is up with that. I know it is not up to me to judge what it unattractive or not, but I believe other people would think some of those builds are a little over the top as well. One resident had a Turnip's skydome stretched over two 512m grid- edge water parcels, right in between two other people's properties ( land level). If I lived in some of those neighborhoods I would not have walls up because many of the neighbor's landscaping is gorgeous, I would be happy to be butted up to their property line. There is a beautiful lot with hillside land and protected water that I am in love with, and would buy, but there are too many huge privacy screens around, that is the lot where one of the walls was not clickable. I wondered from time to time if they are doing it on purpose so the land winds up abandoned because nobody will buy it and the residents end up being in the middle of abandoned land with all that privacy ....or I could be wrong. I know that not being able to pick neighbors comes with the Mainland territory though, so not complaining, they are just observations. Anyway, that is for another topic, just wanted to throw that out there because it was on my mind, sorry I went off topic. (not that the issue is new to anybody I am sure :) ) Thank you again for your friendly helpfulness.
  15. Awesome. Thank you both so much. I was starting to get lost there for a bit. This information helps me out a lot, I appreciate your time.
  16. Oh, dear didn't see reply notifications. I ended up getting the laptop that I described in my OP: "Dell Inspiron I5 7567 Gaming." I am very happy with it. I tested it out at Best Buy before purchasing. I am able to run on high settings now for the first time in years. I have even been able to get into some sims with moderate traffic without issues -before I would crash on low, I can stay on high, so that is nice. Of course, things do not rez as fast as desktops or more higher end gaming laptops ( I am assuming)and I doubt I would be able to hang in a packed sim on high, but just being able to hang in a busy sim at all even on mid settings ...is okay with me. I have not been into any busy dance clubs yet to test out FPS, I have not really put it to the test as far as that goes as of now. I will have to put up some before and after photos, I was going to pull some off my old p.c. and put them next to pics from this p.c. to show the difference is night and day as far as what I am seeing with the LOD set up on 4. Pictures would be the best way to describe what is going on. I have run SL for hours on this and have had no problems with crashing or getting too hot. You are right about the fan. It is barely audible just surfing the net or doing some Word documents. You can hear the fans pretty good when SL is on, but that is okay, the fans are doing their job. The fans run out the back and this laptop stays incredibly cool, I was very surprised. The battery, like you said has an incredible life to it. I ended up paying $810 after coupons and taxes. I really cannot complain about what I got for $800 at all. Of course, I would still love a desktop for SL for many reasons, but until I am out of school this is it for me.
  17. Good evening. I have done some due diligence and cannot come up with an answer by searching, so I am going to present it here; please forgive my ignorance. The first question: I have found a nice set of lots that I would like to buy, I want to shave a little off of the back (or side) of one of the lots and abandon it because it will bump me up into another tier. I know it is silly to waste land, but the price is good enough to where shaving some off is not a loss to me. That being said, how long do I have before LL charges me tier for that small amount of time I have extra land? What I am asking is if I turn around and shave some off within like an hour of buying am I going to get bumped into the next tier, i.e; $5 to $8, etc. Second question: Does every member of a group get a 10% bonus for donating their premium land allotment to group purchased property. My scenario is I want to buy a 1024 parcel owned by one person and then there are two 512m in front of that owned by another person, join those and then abandon some of the newly formed parcel. I want to buy all three for the group and have three people donate their 512m for the newly formed parcel (or I hope). Is that doable and if so, then how much land could we own and not end up owing LL any extra monthly tier. I came up with 1690m, if three ppl donate. But, something is not sounding right for me. I have not come across a lot that size. I think that about covers everything I need to know. Hopefully, I explained it well. One would think after being in SL 8 years, I would know some of this stuff, but land is new to me...I have used Linden homes, but find owning land is so much more fun and need the extra space for a family!! Please and thank you in advance for any help or guidance you can provide.
  18. Thank you, both for the feedback and the page link. The price for the p.c. in the original post is $849.00, but then I get a discount of $100, so with tax I will be paying about $800 give or take, I think ( my brain is turning to mush by now with all the research, cannot add, lol). Not sure if it is worth that much or not. I think that Acer looks good as well. A desktop would be nice, then I would have lots of wiggle room with my budget and getting more out of it, but unfortunately, I cannot have both, lol. Thanks again. I do appreciate the feedback very much!
  19. No additional storage, just the 256GB, forgot to add that in my reply.
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