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  1. So far I have spotted 4 today, the last one being just now.
  2. I cannot say for sure, but maybe people are abandoning their homes in anticipation of a release today -and those are the two or three homes that a few of us have seen in the last hour or so. Hopefully that is the case and we still have a release to look forward to. I know if I don't get one in the next week, I am going to just hold off until things settle down. My premium payment will be coming up and I do not want to pay monthly until I have the home.
  3. Does the page stop auto-refreshing when it detects "Bellisseria"?
  4. We do appreciate what we have, that is why the larger majority of us are not happy that LL is changing what we have? Obviously most of us appreciate "what we have" or there would not be a major blow up over it?
  5. So if I am understanding you correctly, if I just paid my $72.00 two or three months ago I can still pay up for another year at the current price?
  6. I have a parcel for sale in Omurice, a quiet sim. I am asking only $1500L for a quick sale, so I can move. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Omurice/152/58/42
  7. Thank you for all the great tips. I'm going to consider everything. Yes, I run on wireless all the time. All of my hardware is less than 5 years old. It should not be a big deal, but it bugs me that I have to almost be on top of some of my things for them to be clear and as soon as I walk away they go blurry again. When they are fully rezzed they look great, crisp and clear...so I don't know if my graphics card is causing an issue? I have tapestries with text on them and cant read them . That being said, how much of it could be due to my objects or the quality of them? Some will rez fine, others are the blurry ones. But, thanks again I appreciate everyone's time ...and I guess I will play around here and see what happens.
  8. Yes, i can see how that will become a problem if I need to use this for something else . grr. Oh well. I guess it is something I have to just live with , lol, I have toyed with it enough. It is too bad because when things are not blurry and fully rezzed, the colors and clarity are amazing with this newer PC and the graphics card. Our internet speed is going up to 100mbps on the 1st, will see if that helps, plus I am going to hard wire it to the modem. Thanks all for the tips!
  9. I have 8gb of RAM. Hi Rachel, Wow, thanks for all of those ideas. My PC is less than a year old with an SSD drive, Windows 7....would upgrading to 10 make a difference? Do you think the tweaks you suggested are still worth trying? I think my next step was to put my cache on a different drive (a partitioned one). I guess all I am out is some time. If worse comes to worse, I guess I will have to downsize my house some. I really do not have a lot of furnishings though, certainly far less than some people. Lol...that was the fun of upgrading my PC, so that I could put out all of my knickknacks and art. My old PC would not run above low, so I could not put hardly anything out and the scene was not pretty at all, lol. I guess I hear so many different things about what effects performance that I do not know what to look for in objects to decorate with. Oh well. Thank you very much. I will try to put the cache on its own drive I think, see what happens.
  10. Thank you for your reply. Download speed, 21.96 Mbps, Upload Speed 5.76 Mbps. Then I ran it again and got 48.0 Mbps UPLOAD 5.6 Mbps. Download seems to be all over the place. I use the security Windows provides. I had Mc Afee (sp) and Norton, but had nothing but problems with them. Cached textures rez slow. I briefly shut the security off to see what would happen and it is still acting the same. Draw distance is at 64 (not sure if that matters). Shut off the browser, Word, etc...no change.
  11. Hello So I downloaded Ramdisk hoping that it would help my objects/textures rez faster, but the amount of storage seems small, 1023MB, that is below the minimum requirements that I found recommended for SL. So, I am wondering if anyone knows of a good alternative alternative to Ramdisk. I do not want to purchase Ramdisk without knowing if it is going to make a difference in seeing my objects and textures rez faster, that is my biggest problem with SL. I get great frame rates, I have a good NVIDIA graphics card, but despite that my objects are blurry and/or do not show up fast enough. I have tried setting the LOD at various levels, tweaked and played with all the graphics settings and nothing has helped. All that being said, I don't even know that Ramdisk or something similar is going to help with that issue? Any ideas, please and thank you. (I did search the board to see if this has already been answered, but came up empty)
  12. I am updating the landing point. I moved items off the parcel. Here is the new landing spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Threlkeld/26/248/21 The parcel is $8,000L.
  13. Now that the holidays are over, my parcel is for sale again. It is 3680sqm, 1263 prims. Very nice protected riverfront land, the river is navigable and fun for boating or other water activities. As you can see in the picture, it is still set up for winter but is not a snow-themed sim. It is mainly deep water with some land that is able to be terraformed. Nice, quiet neighbors. $13,000L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Threlkeld/32/214/21
  14. Most items on the ground property (anything trans) are included in the sale, including the house and most everything that is transferable in it. The landscaping, trees and a few other items are not transferable. The brown sunroom and contents in it are not transferable. The items in my sky home/platform are not included. If you do not like the items you can put them on the marketplace, have a yard sale, give as gifts, sell, etc... Here is a better landing point since I put some grass out http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Threlkeld/16/215/21
  15. Hello I just want to confirm that the information I found regarding selling objects with a group owned parcel required them to be deeded to the group? This information I found was from 2010, so I just wanted to make sure that was still how it worked. I wish to sell quite a few of the objects (trans of course) with my parcel. The reason they are not deeded right now is because they get lost if they are returned for some reason (or so the pop-up warning says when returning objects). Therefore, I am assuming I deed them to the group and then set the parcel for sale? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello I have a very nice lot for sale. It is 3680m, 1263 prims located on a moderate sim. It sits along a protected river. 14,000L Thanks, for reading http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Threlkeld/55/232/21
  17. I have done a lot of looking on the map, my eyes are getting sore, lol -perhaps someone is aware of the kind of parcel I am looking for. I am looking for a quiet 4096m square parcel, as secluded as possible. It does not need to be on the water, however, if it is that is okay, although I know water parcels get very busy. If it is able to be terraformed, I usually just make my own lake. Thanks in advance.
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