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  1. What part of the situation is being taken care of was not understood the first time? I already said that twice and now I have to say it a third time? At this point you're not being helpful anymore, you're just making me angry. Please leave me alone now before I start using foul language to persuade you that I do not wish to continue the discussion.
  2. And one last thing, thank you for being the only two who fully read and understood my issue and took the time to help me
  3. Now if you people don't mind, I do not need anyone else telling me to do this, that, or the other like I'm stupid or in Kindergarten. Stop answering to this in general. It's being taken care of. If someone can lock this conversation from being answered further, that'd be very nice thank you.
  4. For those of you who don't know, and I pulled this directly off of https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801895?hl=en If someone has posted your personal information or uploaded a video of you without your consent, you should contact the uploader and ask them to remove the content. (Already did) If you can’t reach an agreement with the uploader, or if you're uncomfortable contacting them, you can request to have the content removed based on our Privacy Guidelines. (Already did) For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable. If you w
  5. I forgot to mention that the voice conversation was recorded, so I have picture proof, audio proof, and names too. Thanks for the help though, I'll do my best with what I have.
  6. The point I am making is that he was recorded without consent, and the video had more than just him being trolled. I was merely stating the time frame where he appears in the video and the fact that his username was visible in the video. To reiterate, Recorded and posted online without consent. The user that trolled and recorded him is currently on the estate's ban list. The report on YouTube has already been filed. I want to know about how to report a Linden Labs violation because prior to today I did not have picture proof.
  7. So last fall a friend of mine was building on his own home parcel, then some jerk came and started telling him to get out because it was his "rape dungeon" that he won in a fight. Of course this is just another troll. They were told multiple times to leave, and he wouldn't. A few days ago, a video was uploaded on YouTube with the act fully recorded. 13 minutes and 16-17 seconds into the video, my friend's username was clearly visible in the video. I have a screenshot of my friend's username in the video, the time it appears, the video's Universal Reference Link, the date and time the scre
  8. Clearing cache and relogging doesn't seem to fix it, but I'm getting really sick of not being able to wear or remove items I'm wearing because SL can't find it in the database. This has only been happening for the last few days for me, but if anyone else has been having the same problem I hope it'll get fixed soon.
  9. I was at a sim that just had to ban a voice troll for rezzing in a private parcel without permission and planting a voice bot and annoying everyone in the parcel. I recorded a video of him (and made sure he knew I was recording) but I don't know how to use it to report him. About an hour later, they returned on another alt to once again plant a voicebot, but this time threatening to have our accounts banned because we banned him for being annoying and disrespectful. He literally just came back a third time pretending to be someone else entirely to mess with us, but we recognized him from his v
  10. Hypothetically speaking, if someone was mad at someone enough to report them to LL for griefing, and the reported user gets banned for... let's say one day, if someone found out the person didn't have proof of the griefing or had blatently lied about it just because they didn't like that person, shouldn't that be grounds for disciplinary action? If they were just banned from the sim, I wouldn't have asked. That's resident to resident, but causing someone to get banned from SecondLife is what I'm curious about. I just really want to know if it's possible to report someone for falsifying a grief
  11. Two times I have logged into my SL account to find L$1 missing from my account balance. How do I know that specific amount went missing? The first time it happened I had 35 Lindens in my balance, the next time I logged in there was only L$34. Today I logged in this morning with L$425, I logged off to go to the dentist. I logged back in as soon as I got home to only L$424. I don't even care that it's a small, trivial amount. The point is this shouldn't even be happening at all.
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