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  1. Hello there. I am wondering if there is a way to use a custom font that is not built into an y Windows, Linux, Mac, nor any other OS in the in-world chat. It can be done via psuedo fake translator, real translator somehow, actually enabling other PCäs to display it properly, converting the font into tiny images and displaying that, or any other method I cannot think of. Another method I thought of though was something like the Animal Crossing Typer I use found here (ignore the crappy marketing, itäs a blatant Animal Crossing rip off): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/bt-shop-typer-ani
  2. I'm more than familiar with all of that, as you can probably tell, but yea, it's not by any means common knowledge in Second Life. It pains me to know that there are others out there with small avis like mines or smaller that have their default walking camera is such is horrid position.
  3. Sadly yes. Everyone was forced logged off/crashed at around 10:30 PM SLT, and still is currently.
  4. Eh, why not. I'll post here. Here is my signature I use on many other forums, but cannot use here as it's too big (it changes on the 10s and 15s marks): Here is a picture I spread around to help out other small avatars like myself (I'm an Adult female lombax {Ratchet & Clank series of games} avatar I made for myself over months in Blender, and lombaxes are not big. I'm up to maybe mid hip on a regular adult male human in SL)
  5. I'm pretty sure I know you, Arabella. But we have been warned on this maintenance for a number of days now from various sources.
  6. @Grumpity Linden Don't worry, it's fine I'm doing an all nighter anyway due to medical reasons. It isn't cold comfort at all knowing a Linden replied personally to a nobody like me on the forums. It's very good snuggly warm comfort actually
  7. Man this. >.< I'll wait as I know it's essential, but is there anyone that knows of at least will the logins be disabled through another 5 hours thing and I should forget it for tonight, or more of a wait an hour and it might be up again kind of thing?
  8. This issue has never occured before, but for some reason whenever I log off and back on (at any times), all of my avatar stuff that was equipped reverts back to "Alpha Blending", despite the fact they are all set to Alpha Masking -> 211 before I log out. Is there a way to fix this? It's rather infuriating to need to pick every object I wear and change the alpha type on every login.
  9. Here are all the problems that gave me the parsing error, and how I fixed them. I do not know the proper names for these, so I named them myself: 1 - Some unweighted vertices. Easiest way to find them is pose the avatar elsewhere, then weight any vertices that don't move. 2 - X-Axis read error. Sadly the only fixed I've found for this is to delete half the avatar down the middle, and remirror it when perfectly aligned with the axis. 3 - Mirroring vertices read error. If you mirrored a part of it, make sure all the vertices on the mirrored axis are properly merged. 4 - Scale
  10. I do indeed get an oddly brain-dead sense, but overall I enjoy it. As for JIRA, I don't know anything about it myself.
  11. Ok, I found a REALLY odd solution for models that get this issue. It will only have potential to work for desired NON rigged models. First of all, make a rigging for it. It can be absolutely any rigging that SL accepts, rigged to any part of it. Just make sure all the vertices are rigged, else you'll get that Parsing error. Try to upload it again, and it should work. Upload it as normal WITH the weights or you'll get another error. Now once it's in-world if you need it unrigged (like I did), right click it and click Save As.... Collada DAE. Save it anywhere on your computer. Now reupload
  12. Considering it took me over 2 months at about 4-5 hours per day, not feasible.
  13. Right, hence why I specifically said point number 2, and why I listed tons of various things not relating to materials too. That is also why I mentioned number 2. I have already found that thread and many others like it. Either their fixes did not fix it for me, or they never found a fix. 1 - Have tried, did not fix. 2 - I honestly don't know how to make my own LOD's. None of my models are high details though, maybe between PS2 and PS3 in terms of detail. SL can easily handle them. 3 - Have tried on Firestorm, official SL viewer, and some other viewer. A
  14. It might be doing that, but the problem is that I've done this technique many times before, and never once encountered or even heard of this issue prior to today. I don't mind waiting to fix it.
  15. To be honest, I don't know exactly how materials work in Blender 2.49. What I know is that in Object mode I hit Delete on all the materials until none are listed. Then I Unwrap the UV's and make the texture. Blender still shows it has no material at all, but textures work fine both in Blender and SL.
  16. I found an odd fix. De-linking the object in question from every other item in Second Life makes it work again. I still have no idea what caused it, but at least there is a fix.
  17. "Material of Model is not a subset of reference material" EDIT: I found a really odd fix I talk about in this hyperlink. Here's some facts: 1 - I have uploaded MANY MANY models both rigged and unrigged before, never once got this error. 2 - I have searched for solutions, but literally none of the solutions apply to me. 3 - The model is not rigged. 4 - The model does not have many triangles/polygons. Less than 100 total vertices. 5 - The Textures/UV's are set correctly. 6 - There is only one LOD, I use SL's LOD thingie. 7 - The model has NO materials
  18. I'm trying to make a new avi for myself, it is a Blender 2.49b mesh rigged one with many parts, but certain ones of them have an odd transparency issue. All transparency on them appears just simply white. It shows the texture fine, but all of the transparency settings (Blending, Alpha Mask, Emissive Mask) just render transparency as white. I even tried just using SL's built in "Transparency" setting up to 100%, which should make the entire thing invisible. It just made it solid white. FYI - the textures in question are PNG format, 1024x1024, and just use Transparency in Photoshop, not Alpha c
  19. Hello all. I make my own avatars, and their sizes widely fluctuate. Every time I change between them I need to open the Debug Settings and alter the CameraOffsetRearView and the FocusOffsetRearView values specifically so the camera is in a good position. Someone mentioned the function llSetCameraParams is able to do this, but the Example scripts on that page always result in Syntax Error and do nothing. I tried changing the values as I needed for the heck of it, but I always get Syntax Error on the last line that just as a "}" in it. I'm needing one object that when worn changes th
  20. Hello there everyone. I make my own avatars, and their sizes widely fluctuate. Every time I change between them I need to open the Debug Settings and alter the CameraOffsetRearView and the FocusOffsetRearView values specifically so the camera is in a good position. Is it possible to simply make a script that can be attached to an object that will automatically put the correct values when equipped? That would be a big time saver.
  21. @iri - This isn't related to animations, but I tried the first 5 options anyway, none fixed it. Could not find the 6th option object.
  22. That might explain the freebie place object issue I was at, but the selection beam issue and arm point issue is doing those problems everywhere I go. This includes my Home location that has literally no one else logged into the entire sim, and only five prims at all within 3000 or so meters of my avatar. There is absolutely zero lag there, yet the issue persists. Due to that, I am entirely sure this isn't a lag issue.
  23. Both Firestorm and the official Second Life viewer produce it. I'll redownload and reinstall Firestorm to see if it fixes the problem. EDIT: Reinstalling the latest Firestorm did not make it act correctly. It's still doing the exact same oddity.
  24. EDIT: Figured out the problem. Thanks everyone that helped :cathappy:
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