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  1. Hi there, So I've been looking at getting into some RP. I've been looking at different ones and so far things like Syn City or steampunk or ancient Greece/Rome all look interesting. I'm pretty open to stuff, but I don't really know how to get started. I'd like to see people RP so I can get sort of an idea. I've been visiting a lot of sims and reading over their rules which is easy enough - but then I don't really know where to go from there. Anyone have some tips? Or are current RPers who can help me get started?
  2. I do own the land. This isn't exactly the question I was asking. I know how to change radio stations and currently have one playing. My question is...how do I play my own music? If the radio station switches to a song that is off beat or a completely different tone, it could ruin an entire fashion show. I know HOW to play it through my land, but how do I play my own music?
  3. I know there's all these DJ programs out there, however I own a fashion show production company and only have a need to stream custom playlists during shows. I currently have a radio streaming on the land, but of course I can't control what music it plays and if it plays the wrong music then it could completely ruin a show. I need advice on this as I'm not quite sure what to do. Should I just hire a DJ until I can figure out how to stream custom playlists using Shoutcast and whatever other DJ software there is? Or is there a much easier way to do that?
  4. And if any models without agencies are looking at this ad - We are hiring on-call models as well! IM lolashwrites or maewinters in game for an application or visit our location @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20York%20NYC/151/160/21/?title=Haute%20Show%20Productions&msg=Haute%20Show%20Productions%20is%20a%20premiere%20fashion%20show%20production%20studio%20featuring%20the%20latest%20fashions%20by%20SL%20designers.%20Our%20large%20venue%20allows%20for%20fun%20and%20exciting%20fashion%20shows%20and%20events.%20
  5. Good morning, Haute Show Productions is a premiere fashion show production studio featuring the latest fashions by SL designers. Our large venue allows for fun and exciting fashion shows and events. I'm looking for models and modeling agencies to partner with for on-call models to work fashion shows. Give your models some work! IM lolashwrites in game to talk details. Thanks, Ashen (lolashwrites)
  6. Unfortunately, I guess people are going to be just as racist in SL as they would be in RL. It's a shame. It's the 21st century, you'd think we'd be able to let go of our prejudices by now, but it's not so. Just be who you are and don't let other people's petty judgements get in the way. There are still many of us who aren't racist, just gotta find us I suppose
  7. We are having a GRAND OPENING PARTY very soon and need models right away! Paid only in tips for this gig since it's free for all designers! However it'll be a great opportunity to test your talent and hey, you may get free clothes out of it as well as lots of fun! Note: If you are a modeling agency willing to be an affiliate with Haute Show Productions, please contact Ashen (lolashwrites) in game.
  8. Cancel this. For anyone with this similar issue: I did a clean re-install by uninstalling both Firestorm Viewer and Second Life Viewer and any associated folders on my hard drive. While doing that, I also updated the driver for my graphics card online. I then re-installed Firestorm Viewer and at first it did freeze on Initializing Texture Cache again but it proceeded to open the viewer which allowed me to log on. I'm not quite sure which one made it work but that's what I did and it worked for me.
  9. This is kind of frustrating. I have a great computer, optimal for gaming, and it was working perfectly. Until I restart it for anti-virus updates today like I do basically every week. After it turns back on I go to start up Firestorm Viewer and, oh look, it's stuck at "Initializing Texture Cache" at which point it becomes unresponsive. So ok, I try Second Life Viewer. Same thing. And it was working fine right before the update. So...this is where you guys come in. What do I do?? I've heard of the clean re-install. Yeah ok I'll try that but it doesn't seem to work on a lot of people a
  10. Haute Show Productions is a premiere fashion show production studio featuring the latest fashions by SL designers. Our large venue allows for fun and exciting fashion shows and events. We need YOU to help run these smoothly! We are currently hiring for the following positions: -On-Call Models -Managers ON-CALL MODELS JOB DESCRIPTION Every model we hire will be on-call. This means I will give you times during the week we may more more likely to host a show. When a show is set, we will notify our models. The first 5-10 models to respond will be scheduled to walk that show. Models get paid L$50 p
  11. Looking for about 2048m land if you have some you'd like to rent out to a production studio let me know. Looking for at least 400 prims and full perms. Let me know your price and location so I can take a look. Thanks, Ashen
  12. How about a group shopping expidition? I'm in. Shoot me an IM sometime!
  13. Hiya, I'm coming back from taking a break as well. I'm starting to get into building and have some ideas for a possible business in fashion in SL... I love anything fashion as well as hanging out and exploring sims. It'd be cool to hang out
  14. Hello, I'm beginning to start a SL styling business. This business will allow customers to pay a fee (with a free consultation) for me to help them shop around for their unique style. It will be aimed toward newbies who are looking to express themselves and those who aren't so lucky when it comes to fashion. Right now I am in the stages of putting together an organized list of retailers who I can help my clients shop at. I have been doing lots of in-world searching and will continue to be doing more, but I would like other opinions. Please comment with your store name and what you sell if you
  15. Well I tried downloading the latest driver a couple times but it didn't work and neither did the fixes on that page. I have no idea what's up but the good news is I'm getting a new laptop so that should be here early next week.
  16. So when I first downloaded SL (I'm a newbie, so it was just a couple days ago), I was able to open the viewer and get on to the game. However, it came up with a pop-up leading me to the AMD driver downloads to update my driver. When I got onto the game, everything was purple so I understood why. I went and tried to download the driver it automatically located for me, but after a couple minutes my screen went completely blank. I figured that was just part of the download, so I just let it sit for a few hours while I was in class. I came home and it was still blank, so I figured something was wr
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