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  1. I ask this because by your avatar birth date you are able to figure out somebody's RL age through it - (starting at least 16 years to first join SL to your current avatar birth date.) Have been wondering about this for some time, reflecting that in IMVU you can hide your Avatar birth date from the public for Privacy Reasons. If this is not currently possible, do you think SL might change this in the future? But of course I do not expect such info not available to the Moderators of SL. Thank you for your responses. :) >Re. Valerie Inshan: Would be at least 22 years of age from your avatar birth date. I know it may be older, but at least 22. >Not all people have alts though and I do understand the younger gen able to lie about their age signing up. But I've been more focused on the age you can at least sum up (if joining SL the real required age minimum). Liking everybody's ideas so far. Personally though, I'd enjoy to keep some of my own details able to be shown or not.
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